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This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for awhile.. Just somethings that I wanted to talk about, and some ideas I wanted to bounce off of you guys.

It was actually a post by Sinn on his blog The Sinns of Attraction, and a comment that Seraf left on this blog, that puts the wheels into motion on this post. They are unrelated topics but in the scheme of things both are relevant in the context of this post.

Sinn’s post, which I suggest you guys read, is all about the shit his readers are giving him for pushing a product that he is selling on his blog. Sinn does a good job defending his right to sell a product, and also brings up some interesting points regarding guys looking for handouts on the internet.

Seraf’s comment was something along the lines of “all the MPUAs always give different advice. I don’t know who to follow. Ah”

So in this post I want to discuss 1. Sinn’s post and how I feel about gurus selling products. 2. How I feel about paying for ebooks and media programs. 3. How you should view the different products and advice coming out in relation to Seraf’s quote about not knowing who to follow. 4. Why I feel we need a data base of reviews and how to create one. 5. How to get the most use and value from the MPUA’s advice.

Now a lot of you will probably think I disagree with Sinn about his rant against people complaining that he is putting out a product rather than giving his information away for free. But the truth is that I agree with him completely. Now, I don’t follow Sinn’s blog, nor do I have any clue what the product he is releasing is… but the fact remains if the guy wants to charge money for something he has created he has every right to do so.

Since the internet’s rise in popularity everyone seems to want everything for free. Sinn and the rest of the gurus give out a lot of great information for free. I usually scour every newsletter, site, and forum I can to find the best of this information and pass it along on this blog. But I will never post anything on this blog that was not intended to be given away for free. Meaning don’t ever expect me to post an ebook on TSB, or download CDs to share.

From running this blog I know how much time and energy it takes to be continually innovating, teaching and writing. For most of the gurus (with exception of the really big names) they have full time jobs and lives separate from the community. These guys are going out, learning systems that work, honing the fine details, putting it down on paper, and finding ways to market it to guys that need the help. And most of them are doing this on their spare time. For people to get pissed at them for trying to make a buck is pure selfishness. These guys have gone out, made the mistakes, learned the craft, so that you guys have it easier. Writing en ebook is a pain in the ass. Trying writing more than 5 pages on a topic… then imagine writing 150-200 pages. So I think anyone that criticizes them for charging $30-40 is out of line.

I also feel that people cheating these guys out of money is wrong on a few different levels. First, like I said these guys (most of them…I’ll get to the ones that didn’t later) put a lot of work into creating their products. If you obtain their stuff without paying you’re stealing from them. Point Blank. Second, if these guys can no longer earn any money selling this stuff, the free information you guys love will dry up. The whole reason so much free information is available is because these guys are giving away some of their advice in hopes of finding customers for their product. Third, you’re cheating your self by not paying for stuff you believe might help you. It is a proven idea that you get much more value out of something you paid for. I can attest to this… Years back (before blogs like this were around) I spent hard earned cash on 3 different ebooks. And I devoured them. I studied them. And I made them work for me. I got well more out of them than the $150 I spent for the three. I just don’t think you can see those kind of results without some sort of investment into it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think that it is getting absolutely ridiculous with all the guys jumping on bandwagon of writing ebooks and creating audio programs. There are like 500 out there now. Some of these people have no credentials and no right giving out advice.. but I think that in due time these guys will be exposed. I also think that some of the big name guys are getting greedy and rehashing old shit and trying to make a quick buck. And personally I would never ever pay $2000 and up for any kind of lesson or boot camp. Nor do I have any desire to write a “how to” book on picking up women (even though I know it would make sick money pretty quickly.)

So, how does this relate to Seraf’s comment. Who do you follow when often their advice contradicts each others? There are many ways to get the same end result. Its like in a football game. Two different coaches can call completely different style games and still lead their teams to victory. Its because the system they’ve created works inside their set of rules. The same thing happens in pickup. In someone like Badboy’s direct game system, showing your interest is essential. Everything Badboy teaches revolves around this principle. So each component of direct game flows together. If you follow his system, learn, and properly implement it, it will work for you. The same can be said for the Mystery Method where you’re going in under the radar. Everything in The Mystery Method is designed for a purpose, and when done correctly achieves predictable results. The problem guys run into is they take a little bit of everyone and try to mix them altogether. That would be like randomly taking a few plays of Tom Coughlin’s play book and mixing in some from Bill Belechick’s play book and seeing what would happen. Everything would be fucked up. Complimenting doesn’t work if you’re game is based on trying to act disinterested and build attraction subtly. But if you feel more comfortable being direct and your game is congruent with that, then complimenting a girl can be gold.

I could write a whole post on why you should stick with one style of game (in the beginning) but right now I wanted to move ahead with another idea. In this post I’ve talked about paying for products, and gave a few reasons why it is important. But I also addressed the issue of gurus putting out shit products, and its getting ever hard to know what is worth your money and what is not.

So, I’m going to start a PUA/Seduction product review data base here at TSB. I’ve already reviewed a handful of products and am in the process of reviewing some more. But I want you guys to participate in this data base so that we get as many different opinions as possible.

PUA/Seduction Product Review Program

I’m going to create an incentive to review products. I will pay $5 a review- for product reviews sent in to me here. The reviews must be in a format that I will provide you with. Also, any one who sends in a review will receive a copy of Mike Stoute’s Boyfriend Experience PDF file, unavailable anywhere. Finally, I will give people who send in well-written educational reviews an opportunity to be a reviewer here at TSB. And that means you’ll have free access to all the products I receive from the gurus for review. Basically you’ll have unlimited ebook and audio access, just as long as you provide reviews for them.

Best of all, I think that by creating this Review Data Base it will make it easier to determine which products are worth the money and which ones are not. It will help rid the community of the vultures trying to make a quick buck. And it will reward the gurus who have really innovated and created a system of value.

I recently sent Seraf a copy of Mark Redman’s College Dating Dynamics ebook to review.. I will be posting his review of the book shortly, for all those of you caught up in “the truth about college” buzz.

Hopefully, you guys will provide us with many more reviews!!!

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