Conquer Your Campus Review

My Conquer Your Camus Review

What is Conquer Your Campus?

The title itself is self-explanatory. This ebook goes about explaining the fundamentals of dating in college and how to meet a seemingly endless supply of women. More specifically, this book heavily focuses on the aspects of Social Circle Gaming in college. This course lays out the blueprints for building a strong social network for not only meeting women, but for future networking benefits during the best years of your life. This is Social Circle gaming at its best and easiest.

Who would CYC mostly benefit?

Obviously, this title is geared towards college students, not perverted old men past their 50s looking to score some college chicks. If you live on campus, near campus in some sort of housing complex or are part of a college fraternity consider this book a KEY to hooking up with LOTS of horny college women.

Another crowd the book would benefit are those who practice the direct game method rather than the indirect method. This is not about coming under the radar. Its about using your status to let women KNOW it is a PRIVILEDGE for you to by flirting with them.

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Conquer Your Campus: The Goods

As mentioned earlier, CYC focuses heavily Social Circle Gaming. It goes into the details of building a strong social network and using it to meet a ton of women. Specifically, it describes how winning over tribal leaders of social male and female cliques can get you higher up the status ladder. CDD shows you step-by-step how to be the cool guy that takes command of these social circles, thus putting you as the alpha male of your tribe. The ebook will show you not only to be the go-to guy, but it will also show you how to be that "mysterious fun guy in the middle of the fun that all the girls will want to get to know. CYC shows you how to rule your social circle or at least get the most out of your current social circle.

I also love how they explain the process of not only meeting a woman, but what to do after you meet her.

If phone game/follow up is a sticking point, consider it blown away. CDD will throw your way cocky/funny follow-ups (via phone call, facebook or text), how to be playful during dates and even organizing your pad to have women feel comfortable in your living environment. And the best catch to all of this: no routines or structured gimmicks are needed! CDD will show you how to score hook-ups almost entirely using social status, natural game, personality, charm and charisma.

Despite the heavy focus on social circle gaming, CDD also ?touches on tips for meeting women in the campus library, classrooms, parties and various other situations. If you are a commuter, this is the one area of the book you will find the most benefit.

The main focus of this course is creating a strong social network in which to run some social circle gaming. With that said, I also would have liked if CYC talked about the risks involved with social circle gaming. With the amounts of women available through social circle gaming, it seems like all the women could eventually find out about the other women you hook up with. Information about avoiding backlashes on your reputation from hooking up with lots of women (or even scoring three ways) would have been super helpful. How to handle cockblockers and wannabe alpha males at parties and other venues would also have been helpful.

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Final Thoughts

This course shares some great secrets for college dating. If you want a better social in life in college, this book will help you reach your goals with time, effort and commitment to this program. The course would work for all academic years. If you are a high school senior entering college this ebook can be KEY to some great college memories (and lays). If you are the type of person that stays away from parties, this book is is the key to breaking you out of your, It depends on how you feel about alcohol in the typical college scene.

Overall, I would say that if you want “the true college experience” and don’t have the track record of success that you would like… THIS IS THE BOOK to get you there!!!!

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