G.R.E.A.T. Phone Game

One of readers, Teddy Bear, sent in this post about about phone game. Phone game is definitely something that has stumped me in the past… so I love reading ways to overcome the anxiety involved with it, and use the phone as a weapon, rather than something to be feared. I love the way Teddy sets up this post… as it makes for a good cheat sheet to keep with you while you’re on the phone with a girl.

G.R.E.A.T. Phone Game by Teddy Bear

I never had a problem using phone game, I’ve even had a couple girls fall in love with me before they even seen me (I used to use the dating lines in Milwaukee). But those are a whole different post. Awhile back I seen some comments stating that
phone game was a sticking point for several people, so I figured it would be my first post. When I saw the comments I decided to tape a couple of my phone calls to see what I was doing. I came up up with some good material that I call “G.R.E.A.T. Phone Game”.

Just a couple things I should state before I get into it….
If you meet the target in a club or somewhere and did not have much time with her, stick with the initial quick phone call to set up a Day 2. If you had some time to build some decent comfort, make sure you set up a nickname for her (I can’t stress how good it is to do this!). When I talk on the phone I slightly lower my voice, not where it is like I’m trying to, and talk just a little slower. Also I always have a notepad next to me to jot down some key info from the convo and have some questions/topics to talk about just in case my mind goes blank. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this. It’s been tried and tested by me.

1) Greet:
Always open with “hey sweetie” or a already established nickname. Oppening with a nickname opens her with some fimilarity easing her concious. Plus it’s a inside joke/nickname you two have which pairs you together on a subconcious level.


You:Hey “nickname”, You miss me yet?

2) Relate/Reason:
Give a reason she was on your mind, but relate it to something i.e. Like a movie. Giving a good a reason why your calling eliminates her speculating that you were thinking to much about calling her. It creates that spur of the moment feeling making you seem spontaneus. She came across your mind and you just called.

3) Establish Emotion
Here you got to get her thinking about something she has strong emotions with. Her favorite pet, her love of animals, the beach etc. Have her get deep into it by having her vivdly descibe her passion for it the feelings she gets (no this is not NLP, but works wonders). Establishing emotion is not that diffulcult over the phone. I actually think it is easier. All you are really
getting her doing is talking about positive emotions, and with her in that mindstate it relates itself with you. Think about a time where you met someone new and was in a positive mindframe and and those emotions come back just thinking about them? Make sure you avoid topics with bad emotions like a death or her ex. If you get her emotions running deep while she is talking to you, thosefeelings become associated with you.

4) Accumulate
During the conversation and step 3, better yet the whole call and every interaction with her, grab as much info you can while avoiding the interrogating questions like “what do u do, what do you like to do,etc”. The more info you get, the more she feels like she knew you longer. Ask her things about her childhood, her neighborhood, etc. Truely listen and have her give details, make her paint the picture. By using this step you can have her feeling like she knew you for years instead of hours or days, which greatly increases her comfort level. I usually come up with a couple questions ahead of time and have them written down on my notepad just incase i draw a blank. Make sure to word you questions that get her involved in the discussion. Avoid yes or no questions. Jot down some of the info you get from her (which helps you to remember). Plus you can bring em up later in the convo or at another time. Stay away from religion, politics, and conspiricy theorys. Listen twice as much as you talk, almost all women love good listeners and just want to talk.

5) Timing
This is an extremly important step!! You have to know when to end the conversation. The perfect time is right before the convo starts to lag, especialy while shes involved and still enjoying it. This leaves her wanting more and looking fowards to the next interaction. I usually break with “Well i gotta go because (anyreason), but you passed my first test so I guess I can talk to you again sometime.” I always end with the “Test” statement to arouse the curiosity of what the test was and why I was testing her.

With all of that I’m sure that all of you can really step up your phone game and have the women thinking about you alot more. Plus set up alot of day 2’s. I’m really anxious to hear your feedback and comments about this post plus how it worked for you.

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