Master the Vibe-Dynamic Daytime Conversations- Review

This is the third disc from the Master the Vibe series that I’ve reviewed. You can read my other two reviews here. This disc was done in similar format to the others, only this time the two featured pickups take place during the day. One of the pickups takes place in a cafe, the other one takes place in a bookstore.

Master the Vibe- Dynamic Daytime Conversations- Review

Sebastian Drake gives out motivating advice to start the disc “there is no reason you should be eating by yourself if you see a woman sitting by herself”

If you take this advice to heart than your world of possible places to meet women will expand greatly. This means bookstores, mall food courts, fast food restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias all become potential places to meet women. That short beats narrowing down your options to bars, clubs, and parties.

The first portion of the disc involves a recorded conversation between Pickup Artist Marcus and a woman named Julia. The recording takes us from the moment Marcus approaches her, to his setting up a date and getting her number fifteen minutes later.

After listening to the entire conversation Sebastian Drake comes back on and discusses what Marcus did and why it was effective.

Here is what I thought worked about Marcus’s pickup and what you can learn from it:

* Marcus is bold and honest in his approach. There is no “who lies more” or “floss or brush” used here. In fact the entire conversation is refreshingly routine free. It is a good example of how you can have an honest natural conversation and still be successful.

* He does a good job of showing how to keep the conversation running smooth by continually getting her talking about things she is interested in.

* He does a good job using the occasional joke to keep the conversation light and entertaining.

* Guides the conversation towards fun topics like travel, dogs, snowboarding.

* The most crucial thing I got out of this portion of the CD was the tonality and verbal style that Marcus uses. I’ve been listening to myself on the podcasts lately and have realized that I need to slow down, get a stronger tonality, and pause before I speak to better prepare myself. Marcus does a great job of all three. He has great tonality. And he pauses before speaking allowing himself to think for a second before guiding the conversation along. He is a great example of how to be in control of the conversation and not get carried away in the moment. This is something that hit home for me, like I said, because listening to myself on the podcasts I realized I needed to work on this a bit.

Sebastian Drake discussing Marcus’s conversation was insightful as usual from Drake. Sebastian gives another very solid piece of advice that was used by Marcus in the conversation.. “take pictures on your phone of everything you like to talk about.” This really is great advice because showing some pics of your cute dog, you skiing, or mountain biking nake for great conversation pieces.

The second conversation takes place between Christian Hudson and a woman at a bookstore. Christian uses a little more cocky funny than Marcus does but does a similar job of moving the conversation along by spotting the things she enjoys talking about and pushing her to discuss it more.

Christian discusses his conversation after the recording finishes and gives some great advice as well. Christian says “Let her talk about what she is inspired to discuss. Too many guys feel the need to impress her” I think this is particulary true of day time conversations. In a bar or club you’ve got to DHV a little more because of the nature of the game, but in a day time scenario you really have an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with a girl.

Overall. This is another great installment in the Master the Vibe series. This series is not for everyone. The only people who will truly benefit from this program are those having difficulty moving a conversation along past the opener. One of the reason that I enjoy these recording so much is because I often found myself stumped for things to talk about. This series shows you with concrete examples of how to keep the conversation going and ultimately guide it your desired outcome.

Learn more about Master the Vibe and listen to some sample recording here.

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