How to Talk to Younger Women

Tonight I’m heading to hang out with a few college guys that I know. These guys usually tend to be surrounded by hot college tail… so it got me thinking about gaming these younger girls.

When I was in college I was a machine.. plowing through women (until i met the ex) but after college my skills trailed off in the same environment.

I would head to a college bar or college party and get no response from the girls I was trying to talk to. My game on girls out of college was solid… but back in the old stomping ground I came across very AFC.

I realized it was the way I was hitting on these girls that was fucking it up for me. I was talking to them in a way that was taking them out of the moment. My topics of conversation usually involved questions like; “How do you like living in the dorms?” and then I would go on and tell them a story about my dorm life experience. Or I would try to hard to fit in with the younger college guys to try to conceal my age. None of this worked.

I realized a little later that what I was doing wrong was trying to approach these girls in a rational way to spark interest. What I failed to realize is how self obsessed younger girls tend to be. In the tight nit college environment girls tend to be attention whores.

In Mark Redman’s excellent e-book Conquer Your Campus he talks about how college girls crave the college experience. You need to keep them in the moment if you want to score with them.

The best way to keep them in the moment is to talk about them. Not ask them questions that make them dig for answers that take them into their head… but instead to make declarative statements about them…

For instance, a line I’ve been using successfully when hanging around college girls is to turn to one of them and say “You’re trouble… There’s always one of you in the group…” and then smile.

She’ll usually say “No.. not me… why do you think that?”

I’ll then usually go into some cold reading “You just have that energy about you. A little mischievous.”

This gets the conversation centered in the moment… Me and her talking about how she appears to me right now.

Then you can give her a nickname. I’ve even used something as simple as “Trouble.”

If that dies down a bit I’ll keep the conversation ‘in the moment’ by pointing at other people standing around us and begin making random statements about them.

I’ll say something like “That guy over there is upset because he misses his dog” and then I’ll go off the cuff with some humerus reason I observe that. Very playful and fun…

The trick is to keep the interaction fun. Avoid talking about “what is your major?”or “Back when I was in college…” and don’t try to impress them with the things that tend to impress older girls. A college girl doesn’t care how good your job is, or how much money you make. Chances are she’s fucking some guy that lives in a dirty frat house eating Ramen noodles every night.

My four step plan:

  1. Make a declarative statement about her.
  2. Use a little cold reading to keep interest.
  3. Assign her a nickname to establish rapport
  4. Use the environment directly around you as a source of humor

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