New Features at TSB

So we’ve added some new stuff for you guys to make this site even more interactive.

As some of you may have already noticed we added a Field Reports section. This is a section where you can guys go to post your stories, experiences, and theories.

I know you guys are out there practicing this stuff and learning more each weekend.. so why not share with each other?  Tell your stories and let others give you feedback.

Giving and receiving advice from like minded individuals is one of the best ways to continue to grow.

Tell your success stories, funny stories, ask questions about a mistake you might have made…  this section is for you guys so take advantage of it.

Check out the Field Reports section now.

The other new feature is an Upload Page.  The Upload Page is a way to share with the community.  If you have video or audio you’d like to share you can upload it and we’ll make a post out of it.  You can upload pictures of girls, funny pics, peacocking gear, basically anything related to the site.

Also you can use the upload section as a way to share good posts from other websites.  You can upload a link to another good article that way I can share it with everyone.

Hopefully this will get more great information flowing to all of you guys.

If you have any questions about either of the new sections let me know and I’ll explain more.

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