10 Steps for Bulking Up for Summer

Yesterday I wrote about how to shed unwanted pounds before the summer. Once you’ve gotten rid of some of that weight its time to start putting the right kind of weight back on.. muscle weight.

I just wanted to give you guys 10 good tips for bulking up, without using the Roger Clemens method… (although that works 🙂

10 Steps for Bulking up for Summer

1. Keep increasing the amount of weight you are lifting. In order to build muscle you have to subject your muscles to sufficient stress. Once you’re muscles become comfortable at one level… you have to take it to the next.

2. Protein, Protein, Protein. If you’re lifting regularly you need to be getting adequate protein. Try to eat chicken breast, fish, and turkey. If you’re going to take a supplement Whey protein powder is the best for bulking up.

3. Get enough sleep. When you’re training hard it is really important that you give your body time to properly recover. Sleep not only gives you that recovery time, but it also aids in proper protein synthesis, and manfucturing testosterone and growth hormone.

4. Stay Positive. You’re not going to see results over night. But be determined and focused and they will undoubtedly come. Try to work out with people who are as serious as you about it. Working out with a slacker will make you slack.

5. Manage Stress. Stress is completely destructive to all areas of your body… including your muscles. You need to manage stress through adequate sleep, deep breathing meditation, positive attitude, and goal setting.

6. Cardio. Aerobics will enhance, not only the metabolisms ability to burn fat, but also the removal of waste products (lactic acid) and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles where they are used to good effect – to build them bigger and stronger.

7. Get your essential fats. Some fats are necessary. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are definitely an essential part of your diet. You can get these in fishes like salmon… I also put a little flaxeed oil in my shakes.

8. Don’t over train. Like I said when talking about sleep, you muscles need time to recover. The point of lifting is to stress the muscle so it grows back stronger… but it needs that rest time before being stressed again. Try to work out five days a week or less.

9. Take Supplements. I am the supplement king… probably take more than I need, but when you’re working out your body is using a lot more than normal. Some good supplements I’ve seen results with are NO2, Creatine, amino acids, glutamine, whey protein, and multi vitamins. (see bodybuilding.com for all your needs)

10. Follow a good tested routine. Use a proven routine that works. Don’t just go to the gym and wing it. There are plenty of systems out there created by bodybuilders who have seen results. You’re much better off following one of theirs than trying to make up your own.

Brad, of Angel Eyes… recently put out a program for creating the body of a greek god.. Its called The Adonis Effect.. you might want to check it out.


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