Let it Go

I’m going to give you some precious advice…

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out why people do what they do.

Trust me! You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out reasons behind someone’s actions. It is very easy to get absorbed into the useless world of analyzation… but trust me, it isn’t worth it.

For instance, today I was driving home from the gym, and out of nowhere some bald middle aged guy walking down the street jumps towards the road and gives me the middle finger and yells “fuck you.”

My first reaction was to think I was driving badly, but I wasn’t. Then I wondered if there was something on my car, but there wasn’t. Then I started trying to remember if I knew this guy from somewhere… I didn’t. Then I’m wondering if he didn’t like the way I looked… or that I was young… Then I started thinking maybe the guy was playing an April Fools joke… then I thought maybe it was some kind of experiment to see my reaction… then I thought maybe he thought I was someone else.. then I thought, maybe the guy was just fucking crazy.

I’ll never know why the guy did what he did. Just like I’ll never know why certain girls I hit it off with- never returned my phone call, or why my ex girlfriend Beth cheated on me, or why some girl I was chasing- got drunk and fucked my friend, or why I didn’t get invited to some kids birthday party in the sixth grade…. I’ll never know the answers to these questions.

And I’m sure all of you have numerous questions that pound at your skull from time to time. And for that I say, LET IT GO.

The reason its not worth trying to figure these things out is because sometimes the person themselve doesn’t even know the answer. That guy who gave me the finger might have just been acting on some weird impulse… the girlfriend that cheated got caught up in the moment…

Somethings can’t be explained…Hell, I don’t know why I do half the things I do. All of us act in a given moment. Most of our decisions aren’t based on a lot of thought. Sure, later we try to give excess meaning to our actions… but in reality most of the time we just get caught up in the moment.

Do yourself a favor and let it go…

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