Drake’s Tech Tips – My Place is a Mess

Here is another of Sebastian Drake’s weekly column here at TSB Magazine. I look forward to this column because you can be sure that Drake is going to give you something that you can go out and use immediately. If you want to hear Sebsastian in action check out his great Master the Vibe program.

My Place is a Mess by Sebastian Drake

I had a really crazy experience a couple months ago. I was in Dubai, and I was with this really beautiful Russian flight stewardess. She was friends with another cute stewardess who was into this Lebanese architect from the nightclub we were at.

We wound up all leaving together to go to a party at this architect’s flat. And after he parks his car, he blushes and says quietly, “You guys hold on. My place is a bit messy… I’d like to straighten it up before you all come in.”

He then goes inside and leaves us waiting for 5-10 minutes, then comes back out, and his place is immaculate.

At the time, I didn’t realize just how good this was: But after testing it myself, it’s KILLER.

It demonstrates:

*You take care of your space
*You like presenting your best side to company
*You’re not anxious to get everyone inside
*You’ll leave a girl waiting in order to be a good host overall

This works well when:

*There’s a significant sized group of people
*The driver of the car is you, your friend, or a girl whose really into you,
*The neighborhood you’re in isn’t scary.

It also keeps her waiting, something 90% of men are scared to do. Try it next time you bring people back to your place.


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