Wingman Advice

Seraf sent in this article on wingman advice for a newbie.  He brings up some excellent points.

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Wingman Advice by Seraf

Winging Advice

As far as winging goes, most newbies will make a common mistake. I have made this mistake myself many times.

The Problem: Wings entering sets too early

I have done it too. And so have others. It’s a learning experience for all of us.

As Pick-Up Artists, we need to be able to handle sets and DHV to them properly. We need to be able to have a set LOVE us and not want us to leave. We need to convey Value to them.

They more they hold us on higher regards, the more value they will see our wings when we finally introduce them to the set. If a Wing comes in too early and the original opener of the set has not established enough value, how is the set supposed to see the wing as a high value person as well?

The wing needs to come in at the right time.

When is the right time?

The right time is when these things occur:

1) You have reached the “social hook point”

2) You have conveyed that you are a high value person and the set accepts you.

3) You have selected your target and have already built some attraction towards you from her (via negs and DHV routines).

DSC02472Like I said, if the Wing comes in too early the the Pick-Up Artist has not had adequate time to establish value, the Wing will also be seen as the same value level as the PUA who opened the set (despite any accomplishment intros you may use for him. Why should they care about your wing if they don’t care about you?).

The PUA should have the skill and confidence to be able to handle a set all by himself. Not really needing a wing if it is not necessary.

This is why pre-arranged codes are important. I already have come in mind that I will go over tonight.

Everyone should have some type of code that says, “Hey! I need a wing! Someone come help me out so I can bring you in the set!”

For me, I will either have my shades on backwards or I will put my tie over one of my shoulders. That way my wings know that I have reached the Social hook point, conveyed enough value and I have selected my target.

When you finally do bring your wing into a set, all your attention should go to the wing. Your wing is more important than some girls you just met.

Introduce your wing to the girls, but mark your target by giving her a slight neg or tease.

Example: “This is Donna and this is Cindy. But be careful of this girl over here. She’s into country music. You know what they say about those type of girls”

The wing now knows “country girl” is your target.

Remember: It is ultimately your wings decision to come in or not. If your wing decides not to come in, you should still be able to handle the set.

Good luck everyone!


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