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Mike Stoute and I have decided that the time has come for The TSB Newsletter.

Why a Newsletter?

Sending out a newsletter gives us the flexibility to talk about things we cant discuss on the site. As TSB has grown into something a lot bigger than we expected, more and more people have become aware of the site. With our names just a Google search away from the wrong hands getting a hold of it (i.e. girls were dating, exes, our parents, co-workers) there are certain stories we dont feel comfortable sharing online. These stories will finally get to be told in The TSB Newsletter.

The newsletter format also allows us to share pictures that are too hot for the site. Whether its pics from one of Mike or Bobby escapades, or up skirt shot of an unsuspecting celebrity, or naked pictures of an ex that fucked us over we need a place to post this stuff. These pics will finally get to shown in The TSB Newsletter.

The Newsletter will also contain links to private podcasts that weve refrained from posting on the site for similar reasons as listed above. We get daily emails asking us whatever happened to our first podcast we did a few years back. We took it down because of the racy and raw nature of it But we will be sending it out to all the subscribers of The TSB Newsletter.

The Newsletter will also contain links to private videos that Mike and I have begun recording. Since weve only recently started getting comfortable going live with our identities most of the videos we create will hit the newsletter before it hits the site.

Our Gift to You

For being a loyal reader and fan, weve also decided to send out Mikes eBook The Boyfriend Experience to everyone on our subscriber list, The eBook has previously only been available to winners of our monthly contests. Once you subscribe you will get this welcome email with the Ebook attached.

Trust US

The Newsletter will be a MUST READ! Do we ever let you down?

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