The Pefectly Calibrated Pickup

alex-trainer-large.jpgRecently I asked Street Kid Alex from Pua Training do write a guest post here at TSB Magazine. Pua Training is known world wide for their incredible bootcamps… and I wanted to see if he could pass along some of what he’s found to be the most importance advice in teaching men.

The Perfectly Calibrated Pickup by Street Kid Alex

I wanted to share with you some insights from my experience lately.

Over time Ive been seeing some common attributes, threads and patterns that have been happening? and a few problems that guys on our bootcamps seem to be having when they first start gaming they find it hard to shift their frame based on the woman; this is a complex dynamic calibration, and comes from being able to see the overall fabric of game.

A lot of guys misunderstand this kind of frame-control, and how to shift frame-control in real time.

The problem is that the girls we meet and interact with are not one and the same. Far from it they each have different tastes, attitudes, and life-experiences. To put it another way, they respond better to a well-calibrated frame, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach

So in short, you need to be perfectly calibrated. You need to know exactly what is going on with any particular woman at any given moment.

Like yesterday I street-kissed an Italian HB9, and it wasnt because I used some advanced routines on her, it was because I could intuitively feel the multi-layers of her frame

Street Kid Alex: When you woke up this morning, I bet you didnt think this was going to happen… (I lean in to kiss her)

Italian HB: (smiling) No On Tuesday Ill kiss you (trying to control the frame by making plans to meet me another day)

Street Kid Alex: Not a problem, Ill just not call you (frame control)

Italian HB: Youre not going to call me (she looked upset)

Street Kid Alex: I might. But only because that cute innocent face hides a smile that says… wow I really shouldn’t have let myself get so turned on with someone I barely know on the street.(recapturing my original frame)

Italian HB: (laughs and goes red) Are you going to kiss me? (playing the role I have now given her)

Street Kid Alex: (pull her in and kiss her) I might

This is the seemingly elusive calibration that Im talking about. The idea is to enjoy sparring with her, and to generate a sexual vibe

This microcalibration is essentially the art of shifting between comfort building and rapport breaking until you are comfortable enough to ratchet up physical escalation.

But you have to offer her some kind of value for this to work

Its better if you don’t pretend to be high valuethrough the hard work and effort you put in, you will BE high value.

You can practise this through maintaining solid frames and massive qualification

Street Kid Alex: Hey, that really doesnt impress me, your Dolce&Gabbana bracelet and your designer clothes(said playfully)

HB10: Its my life I dont care what you think

Street Kid Alex: Youre right, you shouldnt care what I think its rare to meet tough-minded women these days. I actually respect that (ironically, she will now start to care about what I think, because I have showed dominance over her world, and thus higher value)

I could feel the depth of her personality, and rapidly augmented my seduction accordingly. She was a difficult woman, but I knew which part of her emotional mind I needed to play, and I seduced her based on that because if you want to truly augment an even higher success rate, you will have to emotionally calibrate as well. This is where you start to feel what she is feeling instinctively and once you practise doing this, its game over for her!

Hope this helps guys!

Street Kid Alex

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