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Choosing Colors that Match Your Skin Tone

There is a general rule for everyone when picking out the right colors to compliment their skin tone. When looking for clothing in black, brown and neutral hues like beige, taupe, and tan; be certain that the color is at least 3x darker or lighter than your skin tone. Otherwise it will completely wash you out.

Besides that, it is mostly the lighter skinned chaps that have a tricky time choosing the right colors. Darker skin tends to look attractive next to anything, but for the gentlemen on the pale end of the spectrum there are few things to consider.

A solid black shirt can look quite harsh against light skin. You can still wear it and look good as long as the grave black is not directly next to your face. Black slacks or a black jacket are good options as well as a shirt that has a mixture of color in it besides black.

You can also try, as an alternative, a shirt that is charcoal or light grey, like this short sleeve button down from Pac Sun. By wearing shades of grey, you get the dark feel of black without looking completely colorless in comparison.

Pure white can also be a problem. It looks severe next to fair skin. Instead wear whites with some warmth to it. By warmth I mean off-white or a white with a hint of yellow, orange or brown, like this T-shirt here from

Some other colors to avoid are pastels. That is correct, metro-sexual is dead. A man can care as much about fashion as a woman, but he need not look like one. Instead of springy colors, you will want to focus on rich, warm colors like jewel and earth tones. Emerald green, communist red, chocolate brown, terracotta, royal blue, military green and yellow are some fabulous masculine options for a fair fella, or any skin color for that matter.

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