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Summer Lovin’ (or, how to look good at the beach)

Summer is all about casual wear. I do it; you do it; everyone does it. But for most people (and yes … I’ve done this more than I’d like to admit) ‘casual’ is interpreted as ‘it’s hot out and I’m taking half of it off to get a tan anyway so I’ll wear whatever the hell I want and it’ll be fine’. Uhh…. no. Nothing says ‘no game’ like a guy who dresses like ass – and trust me, mate, if you throw on whatever’s on your floor that morning, you will look like ass.

Right now, every girl I know is going summer-crazy. They’re all picking out stuff for their boyfriends so he’ll look good at their side – better yet, it’s all ultra-comfy casual wear! So it’s not a matter of sacrificing comfort to look good, it’s a matter of thinking a bit about what to wear. Luckily, that’s my job – All you’ve gotta do is put the clothes on. Without further ado, this is my basic recipe for summer.

Step 1: Polo. Nothing looks as good as a polo in the summer, but they’re as comfy as any tee you could wear. I generally don’t pay more than $40 for a polo, as you can get great quality for cheap. Another of my fave polo brands is Polo Ralph Lauren. The ones at left here have some stripes (which look more interesting than plain color, but don’t look too dorky), and both brand I’ve mentioned above will have brand-name clout if the chick you’re going for knows anything about clothing ( me..she will).

Step 2: what to wear for bottoms? I used to wear khaki shorts – lame! Everyone wears them incorrectly anyway and they’ll make you look like an old man. I prefer to wear jean shorts because they tend to be cut better, and you can get them in different lengths. Shop around for a pair that you’re comfortable with. Nothing too short, but don’t go all gangsta either because you’ll look stupid. I like to get them in a mid-tone color – if you get ones that are too lightly colored you’ll look gay, and if you go for the really dark ones you’ll roast in the sun. Mid-tone all the way.

Step 3: Sandals. It’s worth getting a pair of leather sandals because they’ll be your summer staple.

Go for ones with a thicker strap. They’re not as prone to breaking and they look more masculine anyway. I keep on hand a nice pair for casual hanging out that won’t get me too dirty, and a more worn-out or cheaper pair for the beach.

Does this sound too simple? It’s criminally easy – but this outfit is what I wear for the better part of the summer months. Your girl will really appreciate that you know how to balance being comfy and casual with a hint of style.


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