How Making Use of a Blender Can Keep You Healthy and Fit

I hate cooking.? I especially hate cooking in the summer time.? Its just too much of a pain for me to bother.? The problem with a distaste for cooking is that I’m often eating quick meals throughout the day consisting of sandwiches, pastas, pizza, and Taco Bell.

The problem with eating these foods all day is not only will they promote weight gain, but they also leave you void of the necessary nutrients your body needs.

Along with my distaste for cooking is an indifference to eating fruits and vegetables.? Its not so much that I don’t like them… its more that most fast food places and pizza joints don’t serve them.? So its rare one of my three meals a day contains them.

That is where the beauty of a blender comes in. Many people only associate making shakes with a blender to body builders looking to overdose on protein.? While protein is a great ingredient to add to a shake, its just one of many that will give you a well balanced nutritious meal replacement.

What’s great with a shake is that you can just throw as much healthy stuff in it as you please… blend it up, and generally it will come out tasting pretty damn good.

Bobby Rio’s Super Human Shake (these will be served daily on the TSB Retreat)

I swear to god, I drink this shake daily.. and love the way it makes me feel!

Start buy purchasing a high quality blender.? If you don’t spend a few bucks now, you’ll be replacing it in a couple months.? A good blender doesn’t have to cost a fortune.? But I would recommend spending at least $50 to ensure you’ve bought something of quality.

I’ve read about thirty books on nutrition so trust me this list wasn’t put together over night.? This is good stuff!


One Banana– a banana will make the shake thicker, tastier and more filling.? It will also provide you with a boat load of potassium that promotes heart health.

A Handful of frozen Blueberries-? the frozen blueberries will make the shake colder and more refreshing. Blueberries are also a super powerful fruit.? They are the highest rated fruit containing anti oxidants that fight off disease and reduce the effects of aging. Blueberries will also help your eye sight, fight cancer, and keep your brain running sharp.

A Teaspoon of Cinnamon– Cinnamon will not only add a touch of flavor to the shake but will also provide you with a bunch of health benefits.? Cinnamon is known to boost brain function, fight off bacteria and fungi, control blood sugar levels, and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.

A Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil– This is basically added just for the health benefits as it doesn’t effect the taste.? The flaxseed oil will provide you with the Omega Fatty Acids that is missing from most of our diets. Flaxseed oil’s health benefits include:? improves response to stress, improves skin disorders like acne, fights cancer, and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

A Tablespoon of Psyllium Husks – This is only added for the health benefits.? Psyllium Husks are an excellent source of fiber…which most of us don’t get nearly enough of.? It is excellent for lowering cholesterol.. but more importantly this will clean you out good. Be warned… the first week of putting this in your shake- your shit is going to look horrendous. This is a good thing though. You’re cleaning out years of buildup in your colon.

A Scoop of High Quality Vanilla Whey Protein– The health benefits of protein goes without saying.? If you’re on any kind of weight training program you need to be getting adequate amounts of protein.? Protein provides the body with the amino acids it needs to repair itself.? It promotes a healthy immune system.? It promotes muscle growth.? Whey protein will also help fill you up leaving you less likely to pig out later on junk food. (order some)

2 Table Spoons of Plain Yogurt- Yogurt will thicken the shake and give it some extra taste. Yogurt is also filled with vitamins and minerals you need.? But the most impressive and important thing about yogurt is that the quality brands (Stonyfield, Dannon) contain live bacterial that provide a host of benefits? This is the good bacteria that keeps everything in check. It is known to boost your immune system, and study after study have shown that people who consume yogurt live longer lives.

1 Cup of Soy -If you’re absolutely opposed to Soy milk use dairy… but Soy is much healthier for you.? Its filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and is proven to fight disease.

Once you’ve put all of these ingredients into a blender.. blend it up for a minute and serve and drink immediately.

Just drinking this one shake a day will provide you with pretty much all the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis.? This shake will also promote a fit body as you’ll be filling up on healthy foods rather than snacks.

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