Window Shopping for Women (Ebook Review)

I recently had the opportunity to review Kelly Kellam and Race de Priest ebook Window Shopping for Women.

Window Shopping for Women is an ebook dedicated to teaching men how to successfully use Facebook and Myspace for meeting, attracting, and dating more women.

This book is fantastic! I read through this book fairly easily and could not stop thinking how well these guys have laid out proper online game. This could officially be called the Bible of Online game.

The book is more geared towards the free social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook, rather than the pay dating sites like If you listened to our last podcast on Gaming Small Social Circles you’ll remember the importance we placed on using social networking sites for not only meeting women.. but keeping in contact with the ones you’ve already met.

The book begins by explaining the nature of social networking sites. I truly believe once you understand how these sites work, you’ll see the unlimited potential they possess.

The book then goes into great profile design. If you’ve ever seen a sample of Race’s profile you’ll know that these guys are the read deal when it comes to designing a kick ass profile.

They also give a great technique for getting random girls to leave comments on your page (thus increasing your social status to all girl’s viewing your page)

The whole book is based on their AIM method of meeting women online. This method revolves around three primary principles of online dating: Building attraction, continuing the interaction, and transitioning to meeting.

They go into the anatomy of a good opening message, which is as follows: Show no interest. Keep it short. Make statements or questions that require further information.

We are then presented with several examples of good opening messages. Everything in the message is calculated… even the ending which is designed to further show value. Below is an example:

Ending with Gotta Go.

Another technique for demonstrating your value is to end an interaction with gotta go or gotta run, then add a short reason why.

For example:

Gotta run! My friends are taking me on a surprise trip to the lake to go waterskiing. ttyl 🙂

They then give examples of a bunch of fun little games you can play over the course of emails which allow you to display fun aspects of your personality… and at the same time keep the interaction going by asking her to participate in the game you present.

The book then talks about gaming them once they’re added to your circle or friends network.? Similar to what we talked about in our last podcast.. they talk about how to use bulletins, blogs, and notes to further elevate your status in the eyes of the girl you’re after.

The next part of the book tackles one of the most difficult parts of online dating… getting the number.

Getting her number

The important thing about this message is that you inform her that shes scored an invite based on her passing a test or proving herself worthy in some other way. This makes her feel like shes earned it
and is therefore more likely to comply and send you her number.

Then write something like: Shoot me over your # and Ill text you the details. Plus we get to become
text buddies 🙂

Then when she writes back with her number give her yours in return: I know I never answer unless I know the #. Also lucky for you I am gong to txt over the funniest joke I just heard.

They then give several examples of fun jokes you can use that keep the interaction going… but more importantly keep the text messages from resorting to the boring “Hey whats up” messages most guys send.

They then go through a bunch of examples of their real back and forth interactions with women. Its the kind of stuff you immediately want to steal for yourself (but i suggest tweaking it and making it your own)

The book goes into transitioning to off line conversation, more fun texts, and general dating advice.

The book then goes into something that was so simple yet mind blowing for me as I’ve messed this up hugely in the past… which is the invite to hang out, and how to handle it when she arrives.

I could talk forever about this last section because it enlightened me so much… but I will leave with the most profane piece of advice…? “You must not introduce yourself to her when she arrives”

This simple concept is so true. By introducing myself, I’m acknowleding the awkwardness of our previous online relationship.

Race goes into exactly how to handle the first meeting in the book.

I could honestly keep writing as there was so much from the book I found informative but I would suggest if you have any interest in Myspace or Facebook game you buy the book.

I promise you will not be disappointed.? This book delivers BIG!

I would suggest checking out their site and at least signing up for the free newsletter.


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