How to Properly Tease (day 14)

We are at the 14th day of our 31 Days to Better Game series.? Today we are going to get back to some of the fundamentals of building attraction with women.? Brad “Angel Eyes” Howard, creator of the amazing Adonis Effect program, has sent in a lesson on teasing women.

day 14

How to Properly Tease a Woman by Brad Howard

Before I start, let me just say that this article is NOT going to be some PROFOUND, complicated, piece of work that I’m trying to make sound more insightful than it probablyis…

It seems that everyone is doing that nowadays and I think that the message that people are trying to convey is getting lost in the fray.

That being said, here are the MOST important “things” that if you get down that will make the most impact in your dating/relationship life… bar none.

They are:

The Opinion Opener
Your Look (clothes, hair)
Your Body (best inner game changer… EVER!)

If you can get these 4 aspects of your “game” down… you’ll CRUSH most men.

So… with that aside… lets get to it… lets talk a little about my way of teasing women… and how it sparks sexual tension.

(Note:? I DO NOT do this for a living. I’m not out at bars testing out my latest and greatest “teasing” method… nor do I really expect YOU to be.? This is just a collection of what I KNOW to be true from my personal life, and the interactions I’ve have with guys that aren’t having any problems in the “woman” department.)

First and formost, the whole point of teasing is to create a fun environment where a women can loosen up and open up to you.

Teasing is also a great way to shake someone out of a funk, or get them to see that whatever’s going on it their life really isn’t that bad at all.

I don’t view it as a way to “pull” a woman down to your level.

In fact, no matter how good looking she is, I find that if you’re pulling YOURSELF down to HER level… you’ll find better success.

Here’s what I mean:

I like to use self depreciating humor to set up teasing.

For instance, if you come from a place of strength, and ask a woman “I need your opinion on something… and be BRUTAL… what do you think of these shoes, I just picked ’em up and I always seem to screw this up… haha”.

If you’re playful, she’s likely to be playful back.

To which you could say something like, “Ah ha!? I KNEW you were some type of shoe guru.? Where did you get your special talent (smile)?”

And that’s just for opening someone up.

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