Picking out a Cool Pair of Shades

If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses by this point of the summer, you’re probably in desperate straits to find some. Well, before you go out to your local “2 for $20!” Sunglass kiosk in the mall, maybe you should look for something a little more durable… Not to mention something that won’t make you look like a fool (come on, who really wears those cheap shades after they’re 16?).

Anyway, there are a ton of different shapes and styles of shades to match your personal taste, face shape, and level of brand devotion. Personally, my trusty Polo Sport shades have lasted a few summers, and they’re still going strong.

If you want any sort of decent quality, however, expect to shell out: I paid upwards of $80 for mine, and you could easily go up to $200 for something similar.

This pair of classic aviators, by Ralph Lauren, are pretty chill. I like aviators for casual outfits, but if you have to get dressed up, they tend to look stupid. Aviators look good on smaller, narrower faces.

Also, they look better if you have a more square face, than a round one. If you’re looking for the ultimate in versatility, go for a sportier pair like these ones by Oakley. Aside from being functional and very good quality, Oakley’s streamlined sporty ethos looks good with most outfits. Also, if you’re planning to be active at all, they’re great because they’re made for an active lifestyle. These shades look good on any face shape, so if you get these you don’t even have to think about what will look good on you. Like I said, the ultimate in versatility and convenience.

If you need to go out and get dressy, opt for shelling out a bit more cash so you have a classic, classy pair on hand. It’s worth the dough; if you buy them now, they’ll last you for years to come. I like this pair by Burberry… But they’re a bit on the pricey side. You can get a similar look for cheaper – anyway, these are definitely the ones to be wearing with a suit or on a dressy date. In general, sunglasses with a sleek, darker look go best with dressy clothes.

Now that I’ve inundated you all with designer sunglasses, here’s my cheap sunglasses story. I bought a pair from one of those cheap, no-name-brand kiosks, and they looked just like the ones Neo wore in the Matrix! … And then they broke after 2 wears. Anyway, if you want the quality stuff, you can find all these great styles (not to mention dozens more) at amazon.com … My online money trap.

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