How to Pimp out Your Office Desk

I went to see the movie Wanted this weekend and it reminded me of an article I’ve been meaning to write for awhile. The movie begins with the daily monotony of an office job. Much like the character’s in Office Space, Fight Club, and a slew of other movies, the main character sits in a cubicle all day, slaving away at a job he hates.

While it is not always easy to change your job… it is easy to add some appeal to your work space so that you don’t mind being there so much.

Pimping out your office desk will not only make you more comfortable chilling out in your cubicle on a daily basis… but if done right, will also serve to signal you out as the alpha male of the group.

Even if you don’t plan on gaming the girls you work with, it is always nice to build on your self-image of being high status. Surrounding yourself with interesting items and reflections of your personality will serve as constant reminder that you value your time… and want to enjoy each and every minute of your day in the setting YOU desire.

A neatly arranged, sharply stylized desk indicates to your colleagues and, more importantly, to your boss that you have a well-thought-out style and approach to your work. What’s more, your desk’s appearance also hints at the way you approach things outside the office.

Below are some items that will quickly spice up your desk, while serving functional purpose. You may ask “why should I spend so much money on something that sits on my desk all day?” The answer is “Because that’s where you sit all day.”

Desk Clock

A desk clock is a great add because it eliminates the need to keep pulling your cell phone out of your pocket to see how much time is left in the day… But resist the urge to cheap out with some digital clock or sports team paraphernalia…

Instead opt for something along the lines of this Movado small desk clock. Movado is universally known for making high quality watches, so it will immediately be recognized as something unique and stylish. Having this clock sitting on your desk will remind you that time is money… and to get off your ass and make some more sale’s calls.

Desk Lamp

Even if you don’t plan on putting late evening hours in at the office, a desk lamp still serves a functional purpose adding extra light which takes some strain off your eyes. With the additional bonus of providing aesthetic appeal, adding a desk lamp should be a no brainer.

This Z-Bar LED Lamp has a super sleek, ultra adjustable design that makes it perfect for even the smallest work space cubicle. It is amazingly skinny so it won’t clutter the airspace around your desk. It is also unconventional enough that it will get you noticed as someone who thinks “outside the box.”


If there is one item that everyone in the office will continually ask you to borrow it is a stapler. A stapler is an item that everyone needs from time to time… but very few people keep handy. Since you’re stapler is going to be seen so often by needy co-workers… why not impress them with something out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking to display your insider knowledge on fashion and trends… you should go with a less conventional, old school model, like this one from El Casco. This retro looking stapler exudes a coolly vintage decorum. It is also the alpha male of staplers that will outperform any of the boring black models that most of your coworkers will possess.

Digital Picture Frame

Having a few pictures scattered on your desk is common among the nine to fivers… but having a digital picture frame displaying an entire album of photos from your last trip to the Amazon Rain Forest… will do wonders to not only boost your moral… but impress your coworkers.

Digital picture frames are great because you can fill them will a memory card’s worth of photos. You can even create an inspiring slide show of pictures that will keep you motivated throughout the day. On my desk at home, I have a slide show of my favorite travel destinations… which serves to remind me to get off my ass and make enough money to be able to spend more time in those locations.

This Kodak easy share frame is great because it has just about every feature you want from a digital frame, and it has a simple sleek frame that will fit nicely into the décor of any desk.


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