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Preparing Your Bachelor Pad for Women (day 22)

This is day 22 of our 31 Days to Better Game series.? We are trying to cover all the bases in this series.? We’ve given you plenty of ammunition so far for attracting girls, flirting, getting dates, and building sexual tension.

Today’s lesson is changing gears for a day to talk about something equally important.  Now that you should be getting more girls back to your place you need to make sure that is in suitable condition to be hosting beautiful women.

day 22

Preparing Your Bachelor Pad by Bobby Rio

This lesson is going to be a guideline for some general rules when it comes to maintaining your place.? Obviously if you are in high school or college your place is going to look a little different than someone out of college making $100,000 a year.

While your choice of decor may change, the fundamentals will always stay the same.? Your place should serve a couple purposes.

First, you should feel comfortable there.Although you want create an “at home feel” for yourself, you don’t want to overwhelm visitors with your personal taste.? What your goal should be is for your place to be a reflection of your self.? Your best self that is.

Second, your place should provide some interesting conversation pieces for those visiting.? Many times you will have someone you barely know back at your place.? The easiest way to relieve that tension is to have a bunch of interesting pictures, furnishing, or decor for them to comment on.

Third, your place should provide an environment that makes the women feel insanely comfortable.? The more comfortable they feel at your place the more likely they will be to spend time there.

One of the most important ways to make your place a comfortable place for both you and the women in your life to spend time at, is to keep it clean.

A Guideline for keeping your place clean.

  1. Dust? Focus your dusting on everything that can be seen.? The most important areas are surfaces that are visible such as corners, floors, tables, TV, sofa.
  2. Get rid of stains.? Stains just reek of low class.? If your floor has splashes of spaghetti sauce, or your counter is filled with grease… get it up.? If your couches have stains on them cover them with some kind of soft blanket.
  3. Wipe down windows,mirrors, and glass table.? Windows are an easy thing to clean and will make the room appear much nicer when they don’t have dust and smudges reflecting off of them.  The same can be said for mirrors and glass tables.
  4. Clean your computer area.? This is often a spot you will find yourself out with a girl listening to music or watching a video clip.? Make sure your computer is dusted off, your desk is in order, and most importantly… CLEAR YOUR BROWSING HISTORY ON YOUR COMPUTER.I can’t tell you how many guys I know have messed things up with a girl by giving her the opportunity browse through his computer while he was in the shower.? You never know what’s on there.? Its always safe to constantly be clearing it.
  5. Your bathroom must be impeccable. If there is one area that girls will judge you the most on its the way you keep your bathroom.? Get rid of all hair in tub and sink. Make sure all stains and crud, or anything that would gross a girl out is gone. Keep the place stocked with toilet paper.? Keep the towels hanging nicely.Make sure the toilet bowl smells good and looks clean.? The last thing you want is a girl not coming over because she’s too grossed out to use the bathroom.? Remember, what looks clean to us, doesn’t necessarily look clean to them.

A Guideline for keeping your place smelling good

There is nothing that will turn a women off quicker than walking into a place that smells like crap.? Bad smelling homes are immediately associated with dirty people.? The sense of smell is closely associated with arousal. You want to use this for your benefit and not against you.

It is important to get other people’s perspective on the smell of your place? If you’ve been living with the smell for awhile chances are you won’t even notice it.

You should have air fresheners for the kitchen and bathroom.? The other rooms I would recommend using candles.? Candles smell good and create a nice atmosphere.

Below are some certain items you want to be aware of that may be contributing to a bad smell in your place.

  • dirty sheets, blankets, and pillows.? Especially in the summer time, these need to be changed often.
  • Dump ashtrays regularly
  • Take out the garbage daily
  • Put gym gear in the laundry room
  • Food remains should be wiped up immediately

A Guideline for keeping the place neat and tidy

  • Get rid of all clutter. If there are items laying around that you no longer make use of; either throw them away or put them in the basement or garage.
  • Don’t leave random stuff laying around.? It communicates that you are a disorganized person.
  • Put your clothes away.? This is so simple, yet so many of us continue to leave shirts, pants, sneakers lying all over our bedroom.

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