Polos Never Go Out of Style

Polo Shirts: A staple in menswear for the better part of a century. They can look like anything from frumpy and old-mannish, to trendy and suave. All you have to do is know the difference between what’s stodgy and what’s stylish. And what’s too stylish…

Our first contender… Le Tigre polos. Le Tigre makes them in a variety of nice colours without making you gag on the price tag of a Lacoste polo. Le Tigre’s polos are cotton that’s woven in a style called point pique or just pique – this refers to the thick, textured surface of the shirt. You want this in your shirt because it’s lightweight but also thick enough that you won’t freeze if the wind picks up while you’re at the beach. The mark of a quality garment is the feel of the fabric ? so make sure you find one that you’re comfortable in (Le Tigre is good for this, I find).

If you’re tired of plain old solid-coloured polos, there are lots of great patterns to choose from too. This shirt is by Merc… It’s a little preppy, sort of golfer-crowd but hey, if that’s you this is also a nice polo to buy. I owned one just like it and it gives you that country-club vibe that gold-digging chicks dig ? especially if you wear it with loafers and a sweater vest.

Oh, and speaking of ladies. A well-worn polo will get you major curb appeal. Unless you’re seriously gangsta I strongly suggest wearing your polo fitted. It shouldn’t constrict your movement (or make your nipples pop out… this guy in my class wears his like that… it’s not a great look), but it shouldn’t be too baggy either. If you’re that uncomfortable wearing a fitted shirt, however, wearing it a size looser won’t kill your look.

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