Vince Kelvin Bootcamp Review (Plus Video)

One of our readers sent in this review of a VInce Kelvin bootcamp. I am unfamiliar with Vince Kelvin so I did some research and found some videos of his. I posted one below so you can get a feel of who Vince is.

With the influx of new bootcamps I think it is important to hear the honest perspective of students who attended them.

* I have absolutely no affiliation with Vince Kelvin *

Vince Kelvin Bootcamp Review by Seraf

Author Note: Im unsure if Im allowed to give away any specific routines or material. Thus I have not included an explanation of the material.

Its taken me about 11 months, but I was finally able to sign up for a bootcamp. Ive done my own fair share of sarging so I felt quite prepared for this bootcamp.

There is no doubt Vince Kelvin knows his stuff. He is an expert on day game, which was the focus of the bootcamp. What made me sign up for his bootcamp was when I saw him number close a girl at the PUA Summit. She started speed walking away from him after he delivered his opener. He chased her down, plowed and got her number. It was very impressive, plus the fact the bootcamps was only $300. An amazing price compared to the thousands of dollars other gurus are charging.

The bootcamp took place in a conference room in a hotel/apartment complex. There were about 20 attendees, including myself. To help monitor the progress of the attendees, there were 10 instructors supervising the attendees in the field.

What I liked about the bootcamp:

Most of my game has been built during the day. 80% to be exact. To find a target rich environment as Santa Monica was the best venue any day gamer could ask for.

It was target rich, hot babes everywhere and best of all: TOURISTS!!! I salsa danced with some gorgeous blonde Norwegians on the streets, number closed two Swedes that were walking and had a Brazilian kiss me on the cheek in the book store (got her number as well).

Side Note: After I danced with the Norwegian blondes, some guy came up to me and my wing. Was that mystery? he asked us. I told him yes, and this was a bootcamp being help by Vince Kelvin, who use to work with Ross Jefferies.

Speaking of the walking Swedes, I had never done moving sets before, as a lot of sets will be moving during the day. Vince Kelvins plan for stopping moving sets works like a charm.

Getting down to the main material: GOLD.

Vince Kelvin has great gambits and openers that can be used anywhere. The openers are semi-canned and can be done for moving, seated or standing sets. They include observation and improvisation, but they are put into a structure that anyone can follow.

His Handshake Analysis IVD is more than money and is accurate 95% of the time. Even after the bootcamp, the handshake analysis has become a staple in my game. Its absolute MONEY. Its four gold mines worth of money and the entire mountains on top of it.

Vince goes over the 4 archetypes of the man every woman wants: the bad boy, the poet, the professor and the leader. Demonstrating these archetypes will have a woman thinking you are too good to be true.

Vinces number close routine is probably the most powerful way of getting numbers Ive ever seen. The gist of it is the area codeâ number close. I have used this to snatch probably close to 16 numbers, and its only been rejected twice. Pretty damn good ratio if you ask me.

The little cherry on the bootcamp was the hypnosis session we had during the morning of the second day. We went to the beach and got put into a trance. When I got out of it, I felt so damn good.I cannot describe the feeling. It was as if I finally attained social freedom.

Openers, IVD/DHV and closing, Vince has a system that anyone can use. He did everything in his power to make sure his students got the most out of the bootcamp. He pushed everyone, wanting his students to do 50 approaches a day, 100 for the weekend.

What I didnt like about the bootcamp:

Vince has great material to get numbers. But numbers is all we were able to get. Phone numbers are not something that you go on a date with nor do they suck your dick. Comfort game and qualification were never discussed.

What Vince held out on is how to avoid flaky numbers. We were able to get numbers so fast that the flake rate was super high. Granted he did save the phone game portion of the bootcamp for another day, but why clear out another day to drive all the way to Santa Monica? There was one student who flew all the way from Cincinnati. Why make him come out again?

At times the bootcamp appeared to be disorganized. There were times when we needed to meet at the field or back at the hotel room at a certain time, but no one stuck to the schedule. Not even the extra instructors.

The instructors were not really instructors as well; at least not all of them were certifiable to give feedback. Some of them were returning students who still had some AA. Others had already gotten their share of lays and numbers. One of the instructors was a 22 year old woman named Puppy of the Casanova Crew. She gave valuable feed back and gave a womans perspective on everything (she was the one who probably helped me the most). Vinces wife also gave a brief lesson on fashion.

My biggest complaint of the whole bootcamp was not enough field time. We probably spent about 10 hours total in the field, but some of it was not done sarging. It was spent going back to the meet up spot and trading students between instructors. I understand Vince wanted to make sure he got to personally work with every student, but going back was such a waste of time. Its a target rich environment!! Lets freaking sarge the place up!!!!

One more thing I wish Vince mentioned that is not that big of a deal. Everyone attending the bootcamp was over 18. Not all of the targets at the venue was of legal age. After growing my skill through day game, I kinda wish Vince warned us about Jail Bate. I ended up number closing two girls from North Carolina, only to find out they were 15 years old. Needless to say, I never did anything with them.

Final Thoughts:

Being a somewhat advanced student of pick-up, I got out of the bootcamp what I put into it. I took full advantage of Vinces easy system and the target rich venue. I got ten numbers total for the weekend, including the Swedish girls, the Brazilian chick, a girl on her phone and about 6 walking sets.

But if I hadnt entered the bootcamp with what Id already known, I feel I would be following a system that would not have taken me as far as I can go with pick-up. Thats not to say Vinces system isnt good. Its just that his style is not congruent with mine.

Vince has a CRAP load of AWESOME material that anyone can use right off the bat. Add to this the price of $300, this bootcamp was worth every penny.

Vince added a lot to my overall game that was materializing before I took the bootcamp. This is a great bootcamp whether you are a beginner or somewhat advanced.

Overall Grade: B+



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