How To Stay Cool During The Summer

Even though some of you will likely stop reading in disgust at the would-be pun, I use the above title. I use it because… I couldn’t think of another way of telling you how to keep your body’s temperature down while out on a scorching hot day. Aside from constantly drinking water (I drink 2.5 liters a day), what you wear will play the dominant role in deciding how much you overheat. Granted, if you get a day like the past couple that have rolled over my neighborhood like a massive, hot steamroller… you’re screwed anyway.

Wear something on your legs that’s lightweight and breathable (not tights.. durrr). If you’re going to wear shorts find a pair with fabric that won’t cling to your legs – ideally made of one a sport mesh that keeps you cool and dry. This pair by Under Armor ( is particularly comfortable – also, the brand is known for its high quality sports apparel. Despite their dark color, this pair will keep you from getting all sweaty down there (ew).

Now, wearing shorts isn’t always an option. I go out as much as the next guy and in my experience, looking suave will get you more numbers. It’s pretty much impossible to look suave in shorts… You look too much like that freshman with a fake ID. Luckily for us, the powers that be created lightweight denim! The stuff is soft and light, yet it looks good and is surprisingly tough (I have yet to rip my pair of paper-thin jeans). Lucky Brand Jeans are some of my fave, winning for their quality yet reasonably-priced jeans. This pair ( is in the lightweight fabric – you can’t really tell the weight of the fabric unless you feel it, so double-check when shopping online, and ask at the store if you aren’t sure.

So the moral of this story is: at risk of sounding like you care a little too much about your clothing, thinking about what fabric your clothes are before you buy them is worth it. When the next heat wave rolls around, you won’t be left with the choice of going commando versus sweat stains on your crotch…

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