How To Dress like Justin Timberlake

When the topic of stylish men comes about, you tend to hear the same names over and over again; Depp, Clooney, Pitt, Timberlake…

For those in the mood to channel a little Timberlake for a casual night out, there is a variety of Justin style that you can choose from.

These days Timberlake has been enjoying preppy with an edge for his loungy appearances. To start, stop by and pick up a plain forest green crew neck t-shirt. You will need this to peak out from under the Howe Far East Long Sleeve v-neck sweater available at style A style note: don’t forget to push up your sleeves a la JT.

Next you need some fashionable denim on your legs. Howe’s My Last Word jeans with an indigo tint from Style are perfect. To keep these pants up on your high hips, no lower, follow with a thick masculine belt. I recommend Howe’s Bent Logo Baroque Belt in Black Crackle.

To complete your boy band dancer turned versatile pop star, you will end your outfit with an unexpected pair of Jack Purcell Specialty Sneakers from The perfect cherry on a preppy, edgy, hip-hop sundae.

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