Do You Have a “Can’t Do” Mentality?

Do You Search for Excuse?? Or Answers?

Do you look for ways to solve a problem? Or do you look for excuses as to why it can’t be solved?

I’ve come to realize that those who get ahead in life… create solutions. Those who fall behind… create excuses.

And most of the time, we’ve made our mind up before we even attempt to tackle the problem.

Every year my friends and I plan a group vacation. At the beginning of the summer there are always five or six of that vow to go. By the time the trip rolls around it never fails that 3 or 4 of them will back out. They’ll make excuses like “I don’t have the money.” or “I’m too busy.” But the truth is if you want something… you make it happen. These same guys who always back out- have a”can’t do” mentality in regards to taking a vacation. Most of them have more time and money than I do… yet they look for the reasons it’s not possible.

I realized I was doing this awhile back in regards to the technical aspects of running this website. I’ve always viewed myself as being incompetent with computers… so whenever an issue arose, I wouldsign immediately call Mike Stoute to solve it for me.

Occasionally a situation would come up where Mike wasn’t available to help me. I would usually give it a half-assed attempt… before quickly deciding that I just couldn’t do it.

Was I that computer illiterate that I couldn’t solve these problems on my own? No. It was just easier and more convenient to decide I couldn’t and cast the job to someone else.

The truth was… I didn’t want to put the effort in to make it work. I had already had a preconceived notion that I couldn’t do it. So at the first obstacle I came to… I gave up.

It’s easier to say I’m not a good dancer… then to take the time to learn to dance.

It’s easier to say I’m not good with cars… then to attempt to do an oil change yourself.

It’s easier to say I’m not I can’t take good photos… then it is to get to know the intricacies of your camera.

It’s easier to say I don’t have the time… then to get your fat ass to the gym every day.

My point is… your attitude going into a situation will directly affect your outcome.

What I’ve found is that people that have a “can’t do” mentality usually don’t limit it to just one area of their life.

How many more limitless possibilities would open up if you suddenly took on the “I can do it” mentality?

What if your mentality was “with a little effort and patience anything is possible.”

How much further do you think you would get in life?

Just food for the brain.

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