IndifferencePerhaps We Shall Call It InCubed

Let me tell you about a little “attraction” formula that I’ve been working on a bit.

I call it: Factor of “In”

I’ll most likely add a few more things to it later on… but here’s the jist of it:

Interesting + Interested + Indifference ==> One helluva great start

Let me break it down a bit… because this might seem a little tricky. An maybe even a little counterintuitive…


In other words… you lead a life that people like to talk about. Maybe you have a “interesting” hobby… or maybe you have an “interesting” viewpoint on life. You march to the beat of your own drum… that’s for sure.


ST_22Don’t confuse this with “neediness”. It’s more than okay to “be a man” and let the person that you’re talking to feel a connection brewing. Ask questions and create an “experience”. Have fun telling stories and making her laugh. Being truly “interested” in her life and what makes her tick helps increase “knowledge points” or things that you can talk about later… making you a great conversationalist that never runs out of things to discuss.


This doesn’t mean that you try to be some player “asshole”. No… really it just means that there’s no pressure from you to take things to any level. Being “” means that although you are “interested” in her… by no means does that mean that you have to have her. In fact, indifference generally stems from a confident man that knows… not thinks… but knows that he doesn’t have to put up with anything from any woman… because he knows that he can meet someone else in no time at all.

Being all 3 of these Factors of “In” naturally brings in a subtle “push-pull”.

The “Indifference” ==> Push
The “Interested” ==> Pull

Lay in a base of “Interesting”… and you’ll soon know the meeting of dating/seduction success.
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