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About Brad Howard Everyone is cool in Brad's book. It's just that most people are afraid to let their "coolness" shine through. This author, blogger, collarborator, and serial entrepreneur pulls out all the stops when he tries to help guys get better in life. A perfect example, go measure your Adonis Index and build a perfect body with a free sample of Adonis Effect Workouts and Nutrition...


    So You’re “Alpha”… Big Deal

    img Posted September 5, 2008

    You know, one of the things that I keep hearing about time and time again is the concept of the \"Alpha Male\" when it comes to attracting women. Sure, you see and hear about ki ...



    img Posted August 7, 2008

    Perhaps We Shall Call It InCubed Let me tell you about a little \"attraction\" formula that I\'ve been working on a bit. I call it: Factor of \"In\" I\'ll most likely ad ...


    Cougar Patrol

    img Posted July 19, 2008

    Cougar Patrol by Brad \"Angel Eyes\" Howard I don\'t think I\'ve ever laughed so hard... I was in Scottsdale, Arizona about a year ago with my friend, B. We\'re staying at t ...

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