That Drunken Night in Medellin Story (with pics)

There had to be one!

8:40 pm

My dick is in my left handmy right hand is fumbling through the medicine cabinet for some kind of lube Im squatting over the toilet, my mind trying to hold a fantasy long enough to rub one out. But just outside the door there are seven different Spanish voices continually reminding me that my time in the bathroom is limited. I float different pictures through my mindfirst, one of my girlfriends cousinsAnna and her big fake titties then Sofia and her rebellious tomboy attitude but the noise is just too distracting.


Ive finally got some momentum going. I start unrolling some toilet paper to finish into? Bobby, cmon other people need to use the bathroom my girlfriend shouts in

everything is fucked. My dick goes limp.

I give up.


My girl gives me a little peck on my lips. The most action Ive gotten all week in this chastity ward of an apartment. Thats what happens when you cram 9 people into a three bedroom apartment. Privacy is nonexistent.

I pull her close and grind my hard-on into her. She rolls her eyes and tells me no. I finish putting on my shirt. She tells me not to be so grumpy and that I better have a good time tonight. I beg one last time A goodbye blow job please?


Im in the backseat of Sofias car and Im trying to calculate just how old she is. Sofia could be 25 or 40 and I wouldnt be surprised. And normally I wouldnt have cared much. But Im thinking now the older she is the more likely shed be up for doing something if something should happen to come up


We get into the bar its themed like a typical Colombian town… Each room a different theme. The waiters are walking around dressed like typical town peoplethere is a priest, a nun, a farmer, a banker a cowboy. .. and the town bum


I walk through smiling making sure they notice And they always notice. Because in a brown eyed world the blue eyed man is king.

The room we wind up in is themed like a cathedral, and a slight bit creepy.


I follow the cousins to a table filled with about eight or nine Colombians. I am doing the obligatory kiss on the check to bunch of chubby Spaniards the loud alpha male of the group introduces himself in English. His name is Jim. I am happy that there will be at least one person I can communicate with here tonight.


Shot number one goes down smoothly. In fact, I smell the glass to make sure it wasnt water. Sofia notices my curiosity and saysAguardiente, you like? I smile. There are three bottles of the stuff on the table. I try pouring Sofia a shot. She shakes her finger no. I no likeshe says in broken English. I no care I say and fill the shot glass. She shakes her finger no again. I lift the glass and down the shot myself.


Jim calls me over to him. He hands me a shot. We knock glasses and shoot them. He puts his arm around me. You like the Colombian girls? he asks. SI say. Muy Bien! Mucho gusto!

He asks me why my girlfriend didnt come. I explain that she had a wedding rehearsal? and has to get up early tomorrow for the wedding. So you can have some fun tonight! he says.


Jim calls over an old fattie. I assume he is trying to hook me up with her I give him the thumbs down.

Jim introduces me to the fattie his wife.

Im a little embarrassed by my blunder, but nothing another shot of Aguardiente wont cure. I pour the three of us shots and we gulp them down.

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