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The 9 Basic Rules To Get an Alpha Male Body

Weight LiftingEvery single day, I look in the mirror, and reflect on what I see. On some days, I merely think I need to lose some weight. On others, Im not satisfied, and I want to be stronger, bigger, and tougher. Its funny how were all bent on improving ourselves. Im pretty sure youve all tried to be Mr. Muscle, at least once in your life. That 2 Week Period of your year when you try to convince yourself that youre going to lose weight, gain muscle, and get all the women. But it never works. Why? The road to getting the alpha male body is not fast, or remotely easy.

Yet, in an ever faster world, it slowly becomes harder to go to the gym, cook all your own meals, or play sports. Modern life is filled with shortcuts which ultimately, deteriorate your body. Make your own tortilla wraps? Grabbing one from Taco Bell is quicker. Brew your own green tea? A coffee from Starbucks is faster. Go to the gym during lunch break? Sitting in the office is easier.

So, you may ask, how does a man get an alpha male body in such a modern world? Simple. Just follow 9 basic rules.

Rule 1: Stay Motivated

The problem with most people is that they simply lose motivation. Of course, youre not going to lose any weight, or gain any muscle if you simply do nothing. Doing nothing achieves nothing. Whenever you feel like you simply do not want to go to the gym, lift weights or go for a jog, simply think about the body you want to achieve, and the body you have.

Set long-term and short-term goals. I have a long-term goal at the moment (Reach 160lbs), and a short-term goal (Achieve 151lbs), which I aim to complete by the end of each week, and set a new one for the week ahead.

By making short-term goals, you feel a sense of success when you complete these more achievable tasks. And after youve achieved enough short-term goals, youl have hit your long term goal. Always give your 110%.

Keeping motivated, for me, was definitely the hardest rule, but its also the most important, so always maintain your motivation, above everything.

Rule 2: Focus On Muscle

More muscle is more calories burnt. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be, which ultimately helps get rid of all that weight. If youre too fat? More muscle will help you burn calories faster. If youre too skinny? More muscle will make you look bigger. Its a win-win situation.

Focus on muscle, no matter what your goal is (Unless your goal is to lose muscle, of course).

Rule 3: Compound Exercises

In such a modern world, most of us simply dont have the time to spend countless hours in the gym. Aim to be in and out of the gym in less than 45 minutes. Compound exercises are great if you need to work out your whole body, but dont have the time.

There are other benefits to compound exercises, such as the fact that they strain your body more because they target more than one body part at the same time.

Your routine should include Squats, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Dips, Push Ups and a variety of other compound exercises.

Rule 4: Always Use Correct Technique

No matter whatever youre doing, always use the correct form.
There are so many reasons for this. For one, they reduce the chance of injury drastically (and alpha male bodies DO NOT have injuries). It also allows an increase in the weight you are trying to lift.

Even if you do an amazingly heavy lift, but use incorrect form, it benefits you in no way. It doesnt train the muscles you intended to get, and whats worse, can lead to an asymmetrical body, and NO ONE wants a huge right arm, and a pathetic puny left arm.

Of course, if youre simply attempting to lift a extremely heavy weight, its permitted to use bad form because you arent intending to train using the weight. However, when training, correct form is essential. Remember to build good habits, and get into using correct form early on.

Rule 5: Dont Rely On Supplements

Countless times have I seen foolish guys thinking that supplements will give them huge, bulging biceps and ripped abs. Supplements do not burn fat over night, magically give you bulging biceps or instantly make a six pack pop out of no where. They do what they say; they SUPPLEMENT your body.

For those of you, who use supplements; remember that whole food is far better for your body than supplements. Supplements are just for convenience; to make your life easier.
Aim to eat a lot of protein, vegetables, and a small amount of carbs. Eat every 3 hours, starting at breakfast, to keep your metabolism going.

Rule 6: Dont Go For Perfection

Dont try to be good 100% of the time. Its near-impossible. Eating junk food 10% of the time is okay; dont spoil a day because you HAVE to have (Insert number) of protein, or because the only food avaliable is high in sugar. Of course, try to not to do this more than 10% of the time. Just remember to train hard 45 weeks of the year, and eat healthily 90% of the time. Youll be muscular, with a healthy body fat too.

We all know that perfection is unachievable, so dont set your bar too high. Want to be 150lbs? Be 140lbs first. Its never a smart idea to set something thats=as extremely far away from your reach. I believe that, although you can do anything, its easier to climb the ladder, rather than jump to the top of the tower.

Rule 7: Actually Want To Get a Good Body

You simply cannot achieve anything if you dont desire it enough. Desire is the biggest motivator of all. If you arent 100% dedicated to the idea of attaining an alpha male body, forget it, and come back when you are.

Desire makes you constantly strive to improve, and reach that goal. Day in, day out, you must constantly want to change. Without desire, you cannot achieve anything. You can be at the gym from sunrise to sunset, but without desire you cannot achieve anything. It is the reason why people give a constant 120% towards any activity they are doing.

Want something enough, and you can have it.

Rule 8: Make Time

So many times have I come across guys who say I don?t have time or ts just been too busy You always have time. I know people who wake up every morning at 6.30am to train, because they have to work. If you dont have time, make time.

If you dont have time for the gym, do it faster then. Work harder and faster, and see if you can make time for gym. It doesnt matter what you have to go through in order to make time. Never give up, never stop persisting. Keep trying and trying. No matter how long it takes you to achieve your goal, keep going. Focus on the long term, and youll be where you want to be.

Rule 9: Believe

Always believe you can achieve what you want. Hear what those who have achieved what you want have to say. If they can do it, you can do it. Only when you truly believe you can do something, then you can. You can achieve anything.

Set your goals high, and believe in yourself 120%, and you can do it.

Well, that seems to conclude the 9 basic rules of attaining an alpha male body. I hope you take this advice, and become who you want to be. Nothing is more attractive than an alpha male body.

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About Anthony Duong Anthony currently lives in London, UK, and has returned there after quitting his job in Hong Kong, where he worked as an English Teacher. He's a gym rat, and loves to play rugby. He is currently working as a Soccer Coach for teenagers, where he passes on his extensive knowledge on all things. He also loves to play the guitar.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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