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Turning Rejection into Seduction

Caitlinf you’ve ever had someone you’re attracted to give you the cold shoulder, only to turn around at a later date and BEG to be your willing love slave, you’ll know what I’m talking about today.

And if you haven’t had that happen, by understanding & applying my “Reversing Strategy” you’ll see it start happening for you!

Even if you’ve had that happen in the past, you may not know WHY it happened, and thus you were unable to re-produce the same event.

Here’s the magic formula for having it happen, and getting it ALOT:

What happens is that when you Emotionally Respond to any circumstance or agitation (such as “rejection”) you are failing the test and confirming to them that you are not worthy of being surrendered to!

Does this make sense? The feminine giving in to the masculine is a form of “surrender” of emotion and body.

If your emotional capacity is reactive in any way other than the complete and total “Confidence of Abandon”, thousands of years of genetic design screams out to her subconscious to say “nnahhh, I don’t think so.”

So, pass the test by being ABOVE it!

Can you imagine having a real true heart-felt LAUGH when someone says “no” to you?!

Don’t you think, just for a moment, they’ll doubt their choice?

Of course they will!

Your laughter must not be forced, faked or feigned. Genuinely see it as funny. It’s a subconscious form of slight condescension, as if you’re looking at her as just slightly clueless (rather than as most men see pretty women: all-powerful and all-knowing)

Subtlety is key here. You don’t want to come across as a snob. “Reversing” works like magic if it is SUBTLE. Here’s why:

When you ever-so-subtly act as if you know something they don’t, there is a transference of energy. Remember Mr. Bolan’s golden master key for persuasion & seduction:

Your Emotional Response Transfers Control To Your Target!

By not responding in the typical way that she is used to, it creates an “energy vacuum” where SHE emotionally responds to fill in the gap. Thus control is transferred to YOU. That’s the beauty of “reversing”!

In that moment they may begin a bit of nervous laughter themselves, and then, you’ve hit the “start over” button and you have another chance.

Then comes Anchored Comfort, and you’ll find the cold shoulder turning into the lusty vixen.

Are you getting it yet? (pardon the pun) If you’re ready to go full-out and live the life of a warrior king once and for all, start using the “reversing” strategy whenever you’re met with rejection. You’ll soon find it turning into seduction!

To Your Success,

Scott Bolan

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