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Mike Stoute Needs Your Help! (Playboy Mansion Adventure)

As you know, we went to the LA this past weekend researching and networking with some of the top dating coaches in the world to provide you with some awesome advice and great content. What you didn’t know is that we had the glorious opportunity to attend a party at the Playboy Mansion!

Now we have plenty of great pictures and videos from the party, but this piece isn’t about that. See while we were at the party we ran into some girls who were just hanging out by the pool with us. After talking to them for a little while we found out that they were that girls hired to swim in the pool during the party and it turns out that 2 of them were from Long Island, east coast baby! From what I gather, not only are the playmates there, but Hef flies girls in from all over the world for these parties. What a great guy!

Back to my story… We talk for a while and then they leave to go work. The night proceeds and Bobby, PetetheFreshman and I proceed to have an awesome time partying and talking to all different types of people.? Towards the end of the night we are all pretty much wasted and just having a good time. After being forced to do a double shot of patron, which I really didn’t need, I began talking to a really cool guy who owned a tattoo shop named Rival Tattoo somewhere in the area.? After chatting for a while and him thinking I was Paul Rudd, which seems to happen a lot, we spotted the pool girls sitting down having drinks.? Now this is where the night was getting blurry for me so the rest of the story actually came from Mr. M, Sphinx, BigBusiness and our very own PeteTheFreshman, which I heard the next morning…

Apparently I walked up to the one girl who I was actually getting a little vibe from before when we were talking and we instantly started making out. They tell me we were both pretty drunk and not to stable at the time. She is sitting and I was standing so I proceeded to try and sit down next to her as we were kissing. We begin to fall back in the chair and end up taking out the table behind us. Still making out though… on the floor…on top of a tablecloth.

After a short period of time, the bouncers come and pull me off of her not realizing it was mutual, then she is helped up and runs right back to me and we being kissing again. Now the bouncers are just standing around us to make sure that we don’t fall again, kind of like circling us and nudging us to keep balanced. Since the girls had been hired to swim in the pool, they had an “agent” there and another girl ran off to find him. After some more kissing we were finally pried apart by her “agent” and they disappeared.

When I got back to the hotel room I realized that I had somehow got her earring in my pocket. Now being the nice guy that I am I wanted to have the opportunity to return it to the lovely lady and this is where I need your help!

Since she lives in Long Island and we run this site from good old dirty jerz, it’s a good possibility someone reading this out there might know who she is. I have pointed her out in the picture for all of you so if you live in the area or even know this girl, tell her about this article and hopefully I can see her again to return her earring…and maybe more.

By the way:

If you didn’t know what a great guy I was already. Here is a little testimonial on yours truly from the Mansion…

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