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Pickup Routine:?The Strawberry Fields Game

As many of you know Mike Stoute, Pete the Freshman, and I had the opportunity to attend Love System’s Super Conference last weekend in Los Angeles. In the next couple days I will be writing a full review of the event, as well our more on our experience at the Playboy Mansion party. We also have a ton of video interviews with many of the top instructors.

One of the questions that we asked many of the PUAs we interviewed was “Which routine or opener do you use most often during a pickup?”

To our surprise, the most common answer was the the Strawberry Game routine, also known as Strawberry fields. During the course of the weekend, Mike and I talked a lot about the use of routines in pickups. As I will discuss more in my overview of the Super Conference, my outlook on routines has changed a bit. While I still don’t suggest relying solely on canned routines… I have begun to really appreciate what they offer a newbie in field.

Many people who have been studying pickup for awhile are already familiar with “The Cube Routine” and “The Five Questions Game” but may not be as familiar with the Strawberry Game. What these games are excellent at is transitioning the conversation to a more intimate level. These games get a woman relaxed and in an imaginative mood, increasing rapport, and setting the stage for kino escalation.

I believe Jon Sinn invented and perfected this routine, but I am quoting as it appears in Roosh V’s book Bang. I’ll let Roosh explain it, because he does a better job than I could:

Strawberry Fields Cold Reading Game

To introduce the game say, “Hey there is this fun game I know that is going to tell me things about you.” She’ll be curious.

Then go ahead and start: “Okay imagine yourself in a field. It’s a Spring day and you are in a cute Spring outfit, and you are walking through on this really nice day. Birds are circling around you and it just feels comfortable. Off in the distance you see a strawberry field, a sea of green and red, and since you like strawberries, you start walking up to this field. You walk for what seems like a long time and finally you get to the field. How high is this fence around the strawberry field?”

If she isn’t sure say, “How high is it in your mind- there doesn’t have to be a fence if you don’t see one.” Continue: “So you go inside this strawberry field and walk down the rows of strawberries. You notice they are big, juicy, and ripe. I mean, these are the best strawberries you’ve ever seen in your life. How many do you pick and eat right there?”

The last question: “Alright so you ate the strawberries and are very satisfied. You are walking out of the strawberry field but then the farmer stops you. He accuses you of eating his strawberries without asking. What do you say to him?”

The strawberry game reveals her views on sex because Strawberries represent pleasure and passion to women. There’s a good chance she will figure that out before you are done. The height of her fence represents her barrier to something pleasurable- in other words, her vagina.

An answer you want to hear is, “I don’t see a fence.” I don’t believe in Astrology or psychic power but if a girl tells you her fence is higher than four feet (waist high) she has sexual issues that you may have already identified before administering the the test.

You are going to finesse the first question analysis because if her fence is low you don’t want to imply that she is a slut. Say, “The height of your fence represents your barrier to intimacy. A lower fence means you do not delay intimacy with a guy you really like, while a higher fence means you consciously postpone intimacy, for whatever reason- maybe you were hurt many times.” Intimacy here means sex, but let her think it means whatever she wants it to mean.

The second question represents her sexual appetite or her desire for sexual variety. Each strawberry is a single sex act with a man. If she gives an answer like, “As many as I can eat,” then she is impulsive girl who had her share of good times with men.

Say, “The number of strawberries represents your sexual appetite. A low number means you are generally satisfied with men while a high number means yo are currently satisfied and your sex life is not what you imagined it would be.” Since a majority of girls give a high number, I like telling her the bad news that she is not sexually satisfied because she will be staring at me- the solution.

Tell her the third answer represents what she says after sex. Most girls say “I’m sorry,” or “Thank you, they were delicious.” – Roosh V

This is a great game that allows you to introduce the topic of sex into the conversation without coming across creepy or desperate. Once you’ve both acknowledge “the elephant in the room” you’ll both me more at ease around one another.

If you sense that she seems really curious about these sort of games, and you suspect a little more warming up is needed before advancing kino, move directly into another similar routine like 4 questions or The Trust test .

Personally I only recommend using one or two routines like this in the course of a conversation. If you use any more than that it might be overkill. Routines are great ways to keep the conversation going when it idles out a bit.

I don’t suggest making cold reading or routines the foundation of your conversation… but they are like adding salt and pepper to a good meal. I realized last weekend that I should be using them more as my cocky/funny approach can get overbearing… and a good routine thrown in there can add some spice to the conversation and build some comfort and rapport… not to mention having the potential to trigger off some tremendous DHVs.

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