Vh1 Pickup Artist 2 Episode 3 Review- Body Language (w/spoilers)

Tara of VH1I will admit that after three disappointing episodes I finally got into the show this week. I thought the reward challenge was pretty lame, but I thought this week’s field test had a couple examples of what a Pickup Artist should look like.

My take on the seven contestants infield game this week

Simeon– Simeon is highly energized and comes off a little bit creepy, but with a little work I think he could pull off Mehow type game. He has to control the energy, stay more focused, and relax his body language a bit.

Karl– He got the boot this week… and was clearly one of the three worst on the show. His choice of opener was ridiculous and seemed awkward delivering it.

Brian– Brian gives off that innocent-want to cuddle him like a baby vibe… which is great if you’re trying to win friends… but it isn’t going to get you laid. He needs to add a little alpha to his game if he wants girls to take him seriously.

Greg– After sitting in with Mystery, Tara, and Matador, Greg was a man on a mission.. and looked great infield. He showed some serious promise in field.

Matt– Man, I felt for Matt. I’ve been there, tripping over my own words… going down in flames, and it sucks! You can visibly see Matt trying to think of what to say next…

Rion– Rion looks completely uncomfortable in the field.. and reminds me of Scott from last season. Rion has no chance of winning and I probably would have sent him home over Karl.

Todd– I’m starting to think Todd pulled a fast one on VH1. If the guy is already a PUA than good for him and I hope he wins… He is the one contestant I’m excited to watch as I feel like by the end of the season he’ll be teaching us a thing or two.

Random Pickup Artist 2 Episode 4 thoughts

Anyone else find Kosmo relatively annoying?

Is Tara getting hotter each episode or is just me?

Has Rion cried in every episode?

Weren’t some of the girls that Rion, Karl, and Simeon hit on just plain horses?

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