VH1 Pickup Artist 2 Episose 4 Review- Kino Escalation

MysteryI have to hand it to the Pickup Artist this year… they are consistently adding some nice eye candy to the show. Between adding Tara as a host, and then bringing in different women each week for the reward challenges, there is ample distraction.

Episode 4 Thoughts

This weeks reward challenge was a lot more fun to watch than last weeks.  Although it was a little uncomfortable to watch the guys molesting mannequins, it was interesting to see how the contestants handled themselves in bed with a woman.

It looked like Simeon used the opportunity to get some cheap play.  This field test was the first time I saw a clear demonstration of Todd’s major flaw… his gayness.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration of the six erogenous zones.  Yes, teased physical contact between two attractive women never gets old.

And just for the guys keeping score… here are the six zones mentioned in the episode:

  1. Earlobe
  2. Back of neck
  3. Breasts
  4. Navel
  5. Hips
  6. Back of knee

There seems to be one major zone left out… the pubic region maybe?  If you’re looking for a great guide on kino escalation the Dicarlo Ladder of Escalation breaks it down to a science.

The reward for this week’s challenge was an ear piece with Mystery in your ear during the field test later in the night.  I don’t think there is a guy reading this who wouldn’t want Mystery in his ear for a night. Although reading Magic Bullets a few times will definitely teach you everything you should know about the Mystery Method.

This week’s field test was not as enjoyable to watch as last weeks.  The guys just didn’t seem to know how to escalate the conversations. Even Matt, with Mystery in his ear, had to settle for a phone number.

The one thing I have to say about this season is that the eliminations are completely random.  At least last year there seemed to be a reason behind each one.  This year it just seems like Mystery is choosing on a whim, or based on a personal preference, rather than any legitimate reasoning.

I like Brian as much as the next guy… but Brian hasn’t seemed to be able create one ounce of attraction.  The guy is likable, and I could see how it would be hard to give him the boot… but at least Todd and Greg were able to get the girls to follow them to the VIP booth.

Todd was TSB’s favorite to win at 3-1 odds.  Our second best odds went to Matt at 5-1.  If Matt can capitilze on the improvements he made this week I believe he still has a shot.

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