The 5 Best and Worst Quarterbacks Right Now

Colts WIN!!Were at the halfway point of the NFL season and one of the stories is the overall sorry state of affairs for quarterbacks. Long gone are the days when Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were setting records and embarrassing teams every weekend. In fact, Tom Brady is out with a shredded knee, Mannings team is a mediocre 4-4, and a slew of other mainstays are injured or just plain suck.

With that in mind, Im presenting my Top 5 worst QBs in the NFL right now and Ill follow that up with a Top 5 best. My requirement to make the list is that QB has started the majority of the games for his team and played last weekend or is projected to start week 10.

Top 5 Worst in NFL Right Now

5) Brett Favre ? Favre has definitely been a shot in the arm for the Jets, as they are tied for tops in the division at 5-3, but the old gunslinger isnt making any runs at League MVP any time soon. Favre has 15 touchdowns against 12 interceptions, with 11 of those picks coming in the last 6 games. He did have that one insane fantasy game with 6 touchdowns, which makes him the best of the worst.

4) Matt Cassel ? Cassel is sort of the best of the really bad backup QBs, by caretaking a team to a 5-3 record and not completely letting the wheels come off. Still, the career backup is even-steven at 7 touchdowns to interceptions and cant be trusted to do anything interesting with the Patriots offense.

3) Marc Bulger ? Ugh, the former ProBowler is having the worst season of his career, having topped 200 yards only once this season with 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Hes also been sacked a bone-jarring 24 times and things wont get any better as the Rams are horrid.

2) Jamarcus Russell – The LSU product is on a wretched team, sure, but he definitely hasnt done a thing to impress anyone in his second season in the NFL. He has a butt ugly 69.0 QB rating and hes tossed 6 touchdowns to 4 picks…capping off his terrible season thus far is his most recent game against Atlanta, where Russell threw for a pathetic 31 yards. 31 yards!! Things are so bad in Oakland, this team is being called the worst Raiders team in HISTORY.

1) Derek Anderson ? Anderson was red hot in the second half of last season, but he went into the freezer big time and never recovered for 2008. Hes got 9 TDs, 7 INTS, and a vomit inducing 68.9 QB rating. So bad has his play been that Head Coach Romeo Crennel is replacing him with Brady Quinn. Ugly.

Dishonorable mentions include JT O Sullivan, Carson Palmer, and David Garrard

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