3 Ways to Bring Entourage Back to it’s Former Glory

I remember when Sunday evenings used to mean something. You had The Sopranos, followed by Entourage, followed by Lucky Louie. That was a powerful lineup! The Sopranos and Lucky Louie are off the air, leaving us with the increasingly dismal Entourage.

The fifth season of Entourage has left me feeling like the show has run its course. The writers seemed to have lost focus of what the show is truly about. I think that it might be too late to save the show, but if the writers followed the three tips I’ve listed below, another season or two might be salvageable.

3 Ways to Bring Entourage Back to Former Glory

1. Let us live vicariously through Vince, Turtle, Drama, and E.

There is only one reason most men watch Entourage… we want to live vicariously through Vince, Turtle, Drama, and E. We know that we will most likely never attend one of Jamie Presley’s beach parties, we will never have orgies in the indoor pool of our 30,000 square foot mansion, nor will we ever bang $1000 a night call girls with Bob Saget. Watching the four buddies take part in these adventures gives us hope that something better is out there. It inspires us to strive for great wealth, fame, and popularity.

The first Episode of Season 5 was exactly what I am talking about. In the first episode Vince and Turtle are riding jet ski around the Caribbean Ocean with a gaggle of super hot local girls. Then they proceeded to have orgie style sex on the Mexican beach. That is exactly the kind of episode I want to see. Unfortunately it was all down hill from episode one.

Give me Vince and company partying it up in Ibeza. Show me Drama trying to score tail in Rio de Janeiro. Give me E. falling in love a Playboy bunny at one of Hef’s parties. That is the Entourage we all love!

2. Get rid of the annoying Ari subplots

I remember a time when Ari was a cut throat super agent, trash talking, power hungry, womanizing, badass… those days are long gone.

Ari is now pussy whipped… on Vince.

Sure, Jeremy Piven’s character is the most interesting and well defined on the show… but that is no excuse to shove all of these lame subplots down our throats. Who cares about Ari’s loser former partner? Who cares about Ari’s and Loyds mutual man crush on each other? Who cares about Ari’s daughter, wife, or brother in law.

3. More hot women

Yes, I said it. The show is seriously lacking eye candy. Sloan makes an appearance tonight… which is a good sign because she is one hot piece of ass.? Yes, maybe what the show specifically needs is more of Emanuele Chriqui.? Naked.? Yes!

There have been recent episodes that have filled 30 minutes with hardly a female to look at. Sure, the boys eating mushrooms at the Joshua tree was cool… but it would have been a hell of a lot cooler if that car load of blonds they passed on the way followed them up there.

I watch Entourage because I want to pretend for 30 minutes that I am a world famous actor with my choice of the finest Los Angeles tail. Period.

For Entourage at its finest… watch Season One, and live the dream!

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