Do You Like Who You Are When You Are With Her?

As you get better at meeting, attracting, and dating a wide variety of women, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to get to know yourself better. As you begin to have more choices, you will begin to discover what kind of woman you are truly attracted to.

You may meet women whose interests and knowledge open doors and ideas that you never dreamed of. You may meet women whose beauty and presence inspires you you bounds you never though possible. Your horizons will expand and you may discover aspects of yourself that have been unknown all of this time.

While dating a variety of women you will also learn what you don’t like in yourself and in others. Some people will simply bring out the worst in you. These encounters, too, will provide learning lessons in personal growth. We can discover what we need to work on to make us be even better human beings.

The question you must ask yourself when you are with a woman is:

“Do I like who I am when I am with her?”

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