What Every Girl Wants to Know

Want some specific insights on how to create seductive conversations?

If you give a girl what she wants, she’ll listen to you. What does every girl want out of a conversation with you? Generally people ask themselves a few questions when someone new engages them in a conversation. Here they are:

  • “Who cares?”
  • “So what?”
  • “What’s in it for me?”

Imagine the girl has a little pesky frog sitting on her shoulders asking those questions of you. Women are usually more polite, but the questions are there, lurking in the front of their minds. Address those questions if you want to create seductive conversations.

I learned about those questions while studying sales back in my real estate days. They are the same questions that every prospect asks. When you think about it, people are always engaged in a conversation for their reasons… not yours. They don’t care what you want. Every person is the same.

You need to know the answer to that pesky frog’s questions What is in it for the woman? What are her benefits? What will she get out of it? Why should she care what you’re saying? The bottom line is “so what?”

Think about it the same way as scanning through a magazine. If the article doesn’t grab you in some way, you skip right to the next article. Even in your favorite magazine… you don’t read every article. You might glance at it, but as soon as you see it’s not for you, you flip the page.

A woman will subconsciously do the same thing to your opener. You better capture her attention immediately. How?

By thinking of what she wants. Again imagine that pesky frog on her shoulder.

  • “Who cares?” (Who cares what you have to say? Why should she care?)
  • “So what?” (Why does this conversation matter? Do you have something important to say?
  • “What’s in it for me?” (What will she get out of this conversation?)

You have to put yourself in her shoes. Imagine what she wants. Rapport is key to any success in selling. Its a key to creating seductive conversations, too. When you understand what the woman wants you are in a position of power. You can then create something that will grab them.


Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

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