Dave M’s “I’m not sure about you” Email

Last week, our new columnist, Jill Summit wrote about her experiences with online dating. She is presently dealing with all of the clueless guys that have no idea how to flirt with a girl online. If you’ve ever created a Reacon profile (fake female profile) then you know exactly what she is going through.

For any of the guys out there struggling with online dating I wanted to pass along an email template you might want to try out. This simple email was scripted by Dave M of Insider Internet Dating. It is nothing fancy, but I’ve used some of Dave’s material in the past… and most of his suggestions have worked.

The I’m not sure about you email

Subj: You might want to know…

I kind of liked your profile, but I’m not quite sure about you. Tell me more about… (something she wrote in her profile you liked)

Your name

P.S. You might want to know It was your (insert weird quirk, misspelling, funny picture) in your profile that first got my attention. 🙂

Nothing fancy… but sometimes it the simple things that do the trick. Below is Dave’s explanation of why an email like this works:

RULE #1 states that your email MUST get opened. It *all* starts from this point.

If your email doesn’t get opened, then that great email you just spent 15 minutes writing is all for nothing.

In this case I’m using a subject line which creates CURIOSITY. ‘You might want to know…’

Know what?

The only way to find out is to OPEN THE EMAIL, and by doing so you’ve accomplished your first goal.

Does it work? You are reading this email aren’t you? 🙂

Let’s talk about the body of the email. Do you notice what I did?

I’m being really cool and casual, not hitting on her, and not saying anything specific. I’m letting her know that I’m still not quite sure about her.

(as well it should be, I haven’t met her.)

Oh, and here’s the best part…

The ending is where I ‘hid’ the “curious observation”. And at that point it’s like ending a conversation with someone, turning your back, and then saying ‘Oh, by the way…’

Thats what a P.S. does.

And the way I used it in this email, I tied it into the subject line, so when she’s done reading the email I’ve closed the loop I started. At the end of the email is the answer to the ambiguous comment in the subject.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on Match, but I remember how impressed I was with Dave M’s product back when I wrote the review. If you’re struggling you might want to try this email… or get his product and get a whole bundle of templates to use.

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