Who is Your Target Market?

What a College Marketing Class Taught me About Dating

When a company is about to launch a new product they spend millions of dollars on advertising to get that product in front of the right people.? When you’re spending that kind of money, you know exactly whose those people are, and you gear all of your marketing towards them.

This means that if your launching, say, a new energy drink, you figure out who your target audience is. In this case it would be athletes and young adults. So you would then design everything from the name of the product, its bottle, the slogan, the commercials towards this group. And then you would run highly targeted ads in the places this group would most likely see them.

That is how you sell a product.? Makes sense right?

Most people easily understand this concept in regards to business, but are clueless as to how to market themselves in the dating world.

What if you approached your nightlife the same way companies market products?

The first thing you would need to decide is what kind of girls are you most attracted to.? Are you into college sorority girls?? Hippy chicks?Club girls?Book worms?? Milfs?? Goth chicks? Hip hop chicks?? Artsy chicks?

Do you have a particular type?? If you do then that is your target market.

Knowing your target market is important because it allows you to forget about pleasing everyone, and concentrate on attracting the attention of the group you actually care about.

If you are into book worms do you think you’ll attract them by dressing like you would if you were trying to score a club chick?

If you like hippy chicks do you think you’ll attract them by talking the same way you would to a hip hop chick?

If you want to bed a goth girl do you think you will find her at a sorority party?

Businesses that target and exploit niche markets make millions of dollars because they put all of the effort into becoming a big fish in a small pond. They know exactly who their market is, what their market wants, and where their market will be so they can advertise accordingly.

Is there a niche you can exploit in the dating world?

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