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The 5 Best Sports Blogs on the Web

The Best Damn Sports Blogs. Period.

Big Euro BoysLike you need more reasons to waste time. Well, if you’re a humongous sports fan like me (you bet your ass I’ll be watching all three NFL games on Thanksgiving) then you’ve probably got a few sports subscriptions in your reader.

I can tell you, if you enjoy reading blogs, some of the best blogs on the Web are sports-related. Why? Because the writers are uber passionate on the subject and they have something to write about every single day. Not only are the sports blogs well written, but they often break news and report on stuff well in advance of the traditional sports channels. Plus, you get perspectives and writing styles that are cutting edge. Forget the hacks at

Here’s my personal Top 5 sports blogs. This list is unabashedly subjective and has nothing to do with ranking, traffic, subscribers, or anything like that. If you got a blog you like to read, post in comments.

The Top 5

1. Every Day Should Be Saturday. Obviously, since I’m a Gator fan, I’m horribly biased, but EDSBS is brilliant, funny, creative, and makes me happy in my pants. The site’s owner, Orson Swindle, is a Gator alum, and he just might be the funniest blogger in the blogosphere. Seriously. His shit is tight. And none of that sissy stuff, either, there’s plenty of cursing, NSFW pics, and naming of genitalia. Lovely.

Okay, besides my crush on the writing, the site is delightfully low tech, with zero SEO, horrible organization (try finding a post from two years ago), and a front end that looks like a crappy WordPress default theme. Oh wait, that’s because it is! EDSBS proves that content is king.

2. Bad Jocks. I recently discovered this one and it’s insanely brilliant. Content focuses on naughty behavior by athletes, coaches, and fans in the sporting world. Cheerleaders having sex in bathrooms? Check. High school coaches having sex with underage athletes? Check. Hazing? Check. Cops tasering rabid fans? Check and check. The tagline is Where COPS meets Sportscenter’. They even have Top Naked Athletes and Top HS Sex Scandals sections. If you’re a dude and you love naughty cheerleaders (duh we all do), bookmark this one immediately.

3. Kissing Suzy Kolber. Dedicated purely to NFL, this site is hilarious. They use tons of swear words, post pictures of hotass cheerleaders, and make game picks. One of their guest posters is God, who watches NFL and controls the games. This I did not know, but it’s always good to get The Almighty’s perspective prior to laying $50 on the Cowboys-Seahawks game. FYI, KSK won the Best Sports Blog Award for 2007. Add this one to your aggregrator because you’re gonna love it.

4. Deadspin. More awesome bullshit, this one is part of the Gawker network, so you know everything has an ironic, funny spin…One feature is pics of athlete doing really stupid things after hours, like getting wasted and having a penis written on your forehead or female stars acting like idiots. They cover all sports, college and pro. Love it.

5. Busted Coverage. In the same vein as Deadspin, Busted Coverage does off-beat coverage only. Here’s a quote from their About Us page: Busted Coverage is an independent sports blog with a focus on booze, ladies and football…We strive to give our readers the off-beat material you don’t see on television or read in your sports pages.

More stories of naughty athletes, photos of extremely hot cheerleaders, and general ridiculousness from the sports world. They posted a link to a 19-year-old Seahawks cheerleader who is so absurdly, sickeningly hot I almost punched my girlfriend in the face and dumped her after reading this post.

Enjoy! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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