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Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web 12/6/08


I Am ModernizationIts Saturday once again, which means it is time to do our weekly roundup of all the things I’ve found interested from a week of surfing the internet. Each week I take the best of what I come across, and pass it along to all of you. Enjoy!

Best Weekend Reading

For all you readers out there, The NY Times published their list of the 10 best books in 2008. I would still recommend buying one of these books.

The Art of Manliness published a holiday style guide.

Roosh V gets contemplative in a couple recent post titled The Thrill is Gone and What Else is There. Can’t say I haven’t experienced the same exact feelings myself though.

Neil Strauss wrote all about the media’s back last against the community, and how it is unfairly portraying pick up artists in recent television shows.

Steve Pavlina tackles the idea of Calibration over on his personal development blog.

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