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Stay Motivated With the Masters

This next article is part of an ongoing series here at TSB Magazine called The Success Principles. The series is based on the 64 principles laid out by Jack Canfield in his course of the same name. If you’re new, I always suggest starting any series from the beginning.

Principle 37: Stay Motivated With the Masters

This lesson is sort of a follow up to the previous lesson Learn More to Earn More.  In that lesson we talked about the importance of continually learning more.  We stressed the idea of reading books in your field, attending classes and workshops, and seeking out a mentor.

But this isn’t enough.  This isn’t enough because there is so many other outlets unconsciously influencing your thoughts and ideas that you need to be constantly flooding your mind with positive learning material.  The best way to do this is in the form of audio programs that you can listen to while you drive, workout, as you fall asleep, and or just lounging around the house.

Canfield states:

The average person commutes 30 minutes each way to and from work.  In 5 years, that’s 1,250 hours in the car- enough time to give yourself the equivalent of a college education!  Whether you’re commuting by car or train, riding your bike, or going for a run, listening to an audio program can give you the edge you need to excel in virtually any area of your life.

I think its no secret to readers of TSB Magazine that I follow this advice to the maximum.  When I finally gave in an bought an Ipod last year I immediately filled it with hours of audio programs and podcasts of masters in all of the fields I am interested in.

I would say on an average I spend four hours a day listening to audio programs.  I usually mix it up between motivational programs like The Success Principles, Anthony Robbins, and Napolean Hill, and then whatever subject I am obsessing about at the moment.  Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of programs dealing with human psychology, as well as various business coaching programs.  And then I try to listen to at least a few hours every week of a spiritual master like Wayne Dyer, Marriane Williamson or Deepach Chopra.

People always ask me; “Is it working?”

My answer is a resounding yes.  I have been able to stay completely focused on my goals for the better part of two years now.  In the past, I would read a book, get motivated for a week or two, and then subtly fall back into my slacker ways.  But now, not only am I staying motivated, but I am learning many new strategies that I am implementing immediately.  And I am completely fascinated by the subject matter which makes me look forward to my opportunities to listen.

The Masters I Recommend

The TSB Magazine Podcasts:  If you’re looking to improve your social skills, pickup skills, or relationship skills I highly recommend checking out our completely free collection of podcasts.  Not only do Mike and I pass along some of the best advice we’ve learned over the years, but we also have brought on many leaders such as Steve Pavlina, Christian Hudson, Sebastian Drake, Vin Carlo, and more.

Anthony Robbins:  You either love Anthony Robbins or you hate him  Personally I believe the guy is a master at getting others to take action.  This guy will not let you make excuses to yourself.  He is also an expert at getting you into state. And we all know how important “being in state” is to achieving a level of success in any area.  Unleash the Power Within and Live with Passion are both excellent choices to get familiar with Robbins coaching.  He uses a brilliant mix of NLP with old fashioned classic motivating that is well known for producing incredible results.

The Five I recommended in Learn More to Earn More: Yesterday I recommended some great programs like Lead the Field, Rich Dad Secrets, and Think and Grow Rich.

Stephen Nash:  Nash’s relatively new program The Natural Art of Pickup is a good program to listen to if you’re interested in fine tuning your pick up skills in hopes of meeting a cool chick for a relationship.

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