Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

Katya In The BackhoeIts Saturday once again, which means it is time to do our weekly roundup of all the things I've found interested from a week of surfing the internet. Each week I take the best of what I come across, and pass it along to all of you.

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Best Weekend Reading

I found this long, comprehensive, and all around excellent article on how to design your ideal life.

Don’t get destroyed by a femme fatales. Here is a list of a hot woman who brought down powerful men.

Want to have your conversations torn apart by a pickup artist? Read Entropy demolish this convo.

Looking for a mentor? Quick Sprout passes along some of the best advice his mentor gave him.

Do you guys use Twitter? If not its a pretty cool way to keep up with people. If you do happen to be on Twiiter (which is free so you should be) follow me, and I promise I’ll tweet you some inspiring stuff.

Here is some fuck buddy etiquette.

I just finished listening to an absolutely brilliant interview on the topic of escalation from The Don and SInn. I’m going to send a review of it out to our members… but if you’re having trouble with escalating towards a kiss…. LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW NOW! It is that damn good.

Browse through Project Infinity… he’s got some good articles up about starting the New Year out on the right foot, and with a sense of style.

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