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I was the lucky winner last month of the grand prize of blogger Don Chavez’s 2008 Holiday Give Away. For those of you who don’t know, its a blog you can always count on for hot chicks, celebrity debauchery, and funny videos.

Anyway, one of the prizes I won was the Liberator Wedge. When it arrived in the mail I had no idea what it was or how I was supposed to use it. Luckily it came with a handy brochure, with some detailed pics of just what this piece of furniture could offer.

I finally got around to using it Friday night, and thought I would give a brief review of the product. I’ll keep it short as I do not want to get to graphic.

It was fucking great! My girlfriend is like 98lbs, and I slid it under her in the heat of moment. It sort of propped her up in the perfect position to get full leverage into her. We both enjoyed immensely.

How to Use the Liberator for Better Sex


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