Take the TSB/Adult Friendfinder Challenge

Can you meet girls off Adult Friendfinder?

That is what we want to find out.

Yes, we know, you’re not going to find the sweet innocent girl next door, bring home to mom…. but hey, that’s not what every guy wants…

Some guys just want to get laid… by horny, trashy, sexy, nymphomaniacs!

Adultfriendfinder is the 54th most popular site on the web. And we want to know why!

A couple months ago we offered a challlege to our readers.

Here is a call to action for the hornsters out there:

If you join AFF, stay on for at least 2 months, and then come here and write a two paged detailed report about your experience,  I will also pay you $35 for the article. I think this is the only way we can get some true testimonials for the site.

In order to verify that you actually joined, and aren’t trying to scam me out of $35, please use this link to join for tracking purposes.

You must use that link, and must email me within 24 hours of joining so I can check legitimacy of membership. I only do this to prevent being fraud.

*all information will be kept completely confidential. You can use a fake name for your review*

So far we’ve had 2 people take us up on this challenge. We’re still waiting for their feedback and reports. This challenge is still open. We think in order to get a fair and accurate account of AFF we need at least 10 men participating from various parts of the country.

What we are offering: If you join, stay on for 2 months, and then a two page article (anonymously5… we will pay you $35 for the article.

We need to do this research. Too many guys have emailed me asking the legitimacy of AFF… I want to be able to give them an objective, honest answer. I will put together a collection of all the AFF reports, and post them as a free PDF you can download.

If you’ve been curiously wondering if AFF really offers the opportunity to meet horny women-looking for no strings attached sex… now is your chance to do it risk free. Even if it turns out to be too difficult to meet women… you get your money back, $35 for your article, and a chance to spread the word about your experience (all under pseudonym of course)

Remember, to prevent people from scamming me out of $35, you MUST use the link below, as it has a TSB tracker attached so that we know you actually joined and aren’t going to send us a made a report in two months looking for $35.

The TSB/ Adult friendfinder Tracking Link

I’ve heard some really good stories from guys on AFF claiming to have slept with some hot MILFS… and I’ve heard other guys claiming the only girls they could find for sex were either old or fat. We need detailed, accurate opinions.

Who’s in?

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