Use This Technique To Flirt With College Girls

Gaming College Girls

000000261Ok, so first off, the “technique”. Now, you know that I’m a firm believer that the rock-solid fundamentals of game are not in the techniques, but in your mental approach to the game, as well as in the understanding of the particular social logistics that college presents.

Now, having said that, I spent 3 years figuring all this out with my mentors help, and along the way I developed tooonnnsss of little tricks, techniques and ummm “gambits” to help me along the way.

And it’s only fair that I share with you one of my personal favorites. It’s going to work for you the very first time you use it and its so easy that it’s impossible to mess up.

I call it the playful false assumption.

The Magic of The False Assumption

And it’s the technique I used during college (works like a charm in the real world btw) to stand out from every other dude around me. Basically, while the other guys are throwing out questions like they’re going out of style, you’re going to be the most fun/interesting/amusing guy because you’re going to be lacing your interactions with playful false assumptions.

Here’s how you do it:

You’re standing there talking to a girl and it pops into your head.. “I want to ask her where she’s from. Do it man. Do it. Ask her. Interview her. Go ahead. Do it. It’s just a question…ask it man…”

But then you think back to this article and a warm smile crosses your face…and you playful challenge her…

“OMG, you are TOTALLY a Jersey Girl”

She smiles and errupts “ommggggg why doooo you sayyy that?

And you begin to feel the energy building in your interaction. And more importantly, now you’re REALLY having fun. So you tease her back

“Oh come on…(massive smile)….the tiffany’s bracelet…the marc jacobs boots…” and so on and so forth.

Now, is she from jersey? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe she’s from Idaho. But she’ll tell you. And you two will have this shared hilarious experience of you being soooo incredibly off the mark (hey…that’s my name) and you know what…you’ve accomplished you original objective – find out where she’s from – without coming off as needy, creepy, value seeking, or like the other guys, while at the same time sparking fun, positivity, playful banter, connection and a million other warm fuzzy things.


Don’t ask her “So um, what sorority are you in?”, instead, say “You are totally a tri-delt.”

And be prepared to tell her why. And remember, keep it playful and fun.

Don’t ask her “What’s your major” instead say…”You are Totally a polysci major”.

And be prepared to tell her why. And Remember, keep it playful and fun.

So what are we doing here?

We are making a funny assumption, based on a little mini “cold read”, which is basically you look at her, make up a fun little reality that you can playfully explain when she asks you about it and then you just throw it out there.

And watch it stick. Time after time after time.

The key thing to note here is that you should be playful and fun. Your assumptions can be based on
reality…so if she looks like a jersey girl, call her on it, play around with it and you’re right….or they can be like 180 degrees off and soooooooo out of left field that they are just flat out hilarious.

Either way, it works like magic, and is a sure fire way to take your interactions into that sort of fun, playful emotionally pumped territory that every girl craves. And, interactions that YOU actually have fun with.

So get out there, throw some Positive False Assumptions into your interactions and watch her face light up like a christmas tree.

Now for the mega-hot announcement – I got my mentor (Christian Hudson) to sit down with one of the biggest pimps at a huge party school and do an intervew with him, and its available with the Conquer Your Campus Training Manual. Seriously, its sick shit – Christian is a better interviewer than Barbara Walters and this guy (Lincoln) has probably slept with more girls than I did when I was at school.

And I’ll be back at you with some more hard hitting advice soon…

Let the Good Times Roll,

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