Cure For One-Itis

Are You Suffering from… One-itis?

3 Days LateIf so, you are close to being a sucker. You are close to being pussified.

You are very, very, very close to… I hate to say it, the dreaded “one-itis.”

Now, as much as I hate to resort to PUA terms to describe a phenomenon, sometimes these neologisms really get right to it.

It’s wonderful to find a girl you think about all the time, one who makes you feel like a King and treats you like a gold-plated Toy Westie with all-Prada doggie outfits.

That’s great.


Is it True Love or One-Itis?

It’s only great when you totally and unabashedly Love that girl because she DOES wonderful things for you. She has to treat you just as well as you treat yourself, and as well as you treat those you care for.

It’s all balance, young grasshopper. That’s Love. The more Love you make, the more you can take.

One-itis is something different. It’s a disease, a disease of the mind. And it’s easy for any ol’ Doctor of Love (like me… PhD work specializing in hot monkey lovin’) to diagnose, cos the symptoms present like this:

* Boy likes girl

* Girl kinda shows interest in boy

* Boy does nice things for girl

* Boy wishes he had more time with girl

* Girl doesn’t do nearly as many nice things for boy as boy wishes for

* Boy secretly dreams of flying away with girl on Unicorns to Pleasure Island… and girl has no idea

*Boy starts to resent girl for not recognizing his love sure and true, and girl starts to stay farther and farther away, or treat him worse and worse to drive him away, cos she can smell that desperation like a fart in a car

L♥ve at sunsetNow, you may present with only a few, or all of these symptoms. But if you find you have more than three, consult your expert Love Doctor, Sean Messenger, because you, my friend, have a critical case of one-itis.

Fortunately, modern science has come up with a cure.

And the best thing is that cure isn’t restricted to some overpriced, fluff-filled DVD set that clogs up your bookcase and embarrasses the f*ck out of you any time someone (esp. a girl) sees it and asks “is this stuff like that show ‘The Pickup Artist?’ that stuff is so weird!”

Nope. This cure is available to you over the counter, at the low low price of Nuthin’

Here is it.

In order to prevent the onset of One-itis (and this is especially important now, as Valentine’s Day is the peak of One-itis season), take the following precautions:

The Two-Step Cure for One-itis

* Unless you are in a sexually monogamous relationship (and BOTH of you know it) with a girl you care about, always have more than one girl you are testing the waters with, flirting, dating, smooching, approaching, whatever

* If you are in a sexually monogamous relationship with a girl you care about (and did I mention those areThe Moment the f*cking tits!?), never ever forget that there are more beautiful women in the world than dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio. Never stop appreciating the beauty and sexiness of women all around you. I mean, don’t be a douche about it and blatantly check out other chicks while you are arm-in-arm with your sweetie, but don’t shut yourself off from feeling the sexual, life-giving energy of women all around you in this world.

That’s it. Two simple steps to ensure that you don’t become a victim of the most dangerous threat to our balls and boners in the world, One-itis.

And if you want to make sure that you are acting responsibly and innoculate yourself against this dreaded disease once and for all, get in the Ultimate Coaching Program now, because for one more day we will keep the clinic open to teach you how to get a girl to come chase YOU instead of busting your ass to get her.

And now it’s even better, because if you move today, you’ll learn how to do it on your computer… just like ordering a woman through Amazon!

This year, remember around this time of year is One-itis season, and keep yourself healthy. Balance, my son. After all, if you are stricken with One-itis, you aren’t going to be able to make any women happy, or crazy with desire, or over-the-moon in Love.

And if you can’t make women Love you, well, you are just wasting your time on this lovely earth, my friend.

Remember, treat others as you would have them treat you (and if they aren’t treating you well, DEMAND that they do!)

Let’s be careful out there. :),

Sean Messenger

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About Sean Messenger Sean Messenger former head instructor for Pickup101, who left the company in 2007, for "philosophical reasons" to form LVO3. LVO3 sole purpose is to move guys beyond the game and into what Sean calls Higher Game. Higher Game isn't some new angle or emphasis on one area of pickup. It's not a rehash of the same old things. This is about being real, genuine and authentic. About being you, not some fake, carefully choreographed and rehearsed pickup artist. Whatever you do to attract her in the first place, you have to keep doing for the duration of the relationship to keep her attracted. Eventually you will find a woman you want to be real with, what do you do when you attracted her by being fake? Forever is a long time to be something you are not. There is another way, a better way...

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