Caged Heat: Janine Lindemulder in Jail

Here’s a story that isn’t getting enough press: Porn star Janine Lindemulder is going to jail!

Janine’s pretty “mainstream”, as far as that definition goes. Sure, she may not be as super-famous as Jenna Jameson, Stormy Daniels, or more disgustingly, Ron Jeremy, but common folks should be aware of her for two distinct reasons:

(1) She was once married to Jesse James, founder of West Coast Choppers from Discovery Channel fame, before he dumped her (while she was 7 months pregnant) and shacked up with famous legit actress Sandra Bullock. Not surprisingly, almost immediately afterwards Janine finally started doing dudes on-camera.

(2) This CD cover for Blink 182, back in the day:

In any case, evidently she had a tough time paying her taxes over the past, oh, 8 years, and will now be residing in a federal penitentiary for the next 6 months. But always the entrepreneurial spirit, Janine has decided to use the publicity and open up a new pay website to document the ins-and-outs (so to speak) of the penal system. Oh, and don’t you worry, there will also be plenty of visual stimuli for masturbatorial purposes!

(Warning: The website is decidedly NOT Safe For Work!)

The website is, and there you will not only find a whole bunch of nude photos and videos, but also her own personal experiences about life in the slammer. From the website:

“Going to Jail will be a life lesson for Janine, where she will share her experiences with members via her ‘Cell Block Talk’ and her ‘Official Blog’, from the ‘inside’ of a Federal Prison.

While in Jail, Janine’s lawyers, will try to work on getting her tax debt down to a workable sum, that she can payback. Janine on the other hand, will be inside a federal prison, coping with WHO knows what kind of inmates, situations and emotions, that she will write about, send to us, which we will display in her members area.”

While I’ve never understood the idea of wasting hard-earned money for pornographic material when it’s so prevalent everywhere, if I was to purchase membership into a website, it would probably be this one, only because it has an interesting reality show-concept involved. That said, I still won’t pay. But feel free to sign up and forward me all of the videos!

FUN FACT: Amazingly enough, the guy who directed the most famous women-in-prison exploitation flick of all time – the one that this column steals its title from – was Jonathan Demme of Silence of the Lambs fame.

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