A Green Guide To Becoming A More Involved Pickup Artist

Why Should Pickup Artist’s Be Environmentally Friendly?

Being Green ~In the community there are those that work to get more positive results with women, those that push to become better selves, and those that strive to improve all aspects of their life and the lives surrounding them. No single one is the right or wrong choice; intention and motive is that only of the individual. If you do chose to grow in every possible way, then you are on the right path. Fitness, lifestyle, career, experiences, financially, socially; These are all great aspects of your life one can improve upon. Several are left out, however, and the one I would like to draw attention to is: environmentally.

You might not think it now, but a pick-up artist is the perfect subject to focus on for environmental change. They are immersed in the culture; because of this there are many things they directly do that make an impact. They are socially interactive, giving them a large group of people they communicate and maintain contact with. They are active in the community. They have strong frames, instilling aspects of leadership into them. They are high value people; and a high value person naturally becomes a role model. All of these characteristics create someone who is watched closely, followed, and respected. A pick-up artist also has an ongoing part in leisure and entertainment, therefore increasing their activities, consumption, and impression on the environment.

Being part of the community has allowed me to notice habits that many people, also part of the community, share. The consistent use of transportation for things beside commuting, large social gatherings, and the frequent attendance to food and retail establishments. Because they want to maintain good outer game, pick up artists also have a higher amount of clothing, fashion, and accessory purchases. Additionally, one of the prominent products of pick-up is sex. I can not speak for the accuracy of this statement, but my assumption is that many pick-up artists are more active in the bedroom than the average person, therefore consuming more products that are used in that area as well.

How Big Is Your Footprint?

When I speak of impact, all of those listed above create a large “footprint.” To make some of the physical changes in your life, have a busy lifestyle, and maintain a social circle, materialism and consumerism is inevitable. I personally experienced this as I was going through different processes of growth and change. But you can offset the majority of those consequences by making responsible decisions and being conscious of the way you proceed as a pick-up artist.

Not only can you minimize your negative effect on the environment, but you are also in a wonderful position to teach, educate, and change others through your actions and words. You are socially adept and have many ears open to your thoughts. Why not take that opportunity to make those words ones that will improve the natural world around you?

I am not here to preach to you about recycling or to stop driving all together–if you ever happen to meet me, that is when I’ll take the time to do that–actions in your daily life will hopefully change over time. This article is to draw attention to different ways that all pick-up artists, regardless of lifestyle, can reduce their environmental impact and educate others through example.


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